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  1. Is there a way to train concentration in a targeted manner?
  2. great, I'm looking forward to it. tested the tactics with Leeds with a few minor changes. F9 = DLF, AML - space interpreter at, pass into space. I played a very successful second half of the season.
  3. Hello, thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately I have neither Nketiah nor Taylor in my squad. Could you please post me your standard formation and your outsider formation. Thank you very much
  4. Because of long-term injuries my best elf currently looks like this. I am currently the favorite in almost all games. With a few exceptions, my opponents are behind. Do you have any tips for improvement, I really appreciate your opinion
  5. I scored about 60 % of my goals from free kicks, corners and penalties
  6. Hello, I am a bit indecisive with my Leeds United squad in terms of playing style and formation.At the moment I am playing with this formation more or less unsuccessfully.Little comes out of the game in terms of opportunities and goals.I scored around 60% of my goals with standards I would be very happy to receive your suggestions.
  7. Hallo, after some arduous negotiations this squad has become GK https://fmdataba.com/20/p/147948/odysseas-vlachodimos/ FB https://fmdataba.com/20/p/150917/gonzalo-montiel/ CD https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148726/jean-clair-todibo/ CD https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148266/lyanco/ FB https://fmdataba.com/20/p/147202/sead-kolasinac/ DM https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148773/weston-mckennie/ CM https://fmdataba.com/20/p/147981/fran-beltran/ CM https://fmdataba.com/20/p/150820/nikola-moro/ IFL https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148317/andrija-zivkovic/ DLF https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148104/borja-mayoral/ IF https://fmdataba.com/20/p/150003/dejan-kulusevski/ Reserve : GK https://fmdataba.com/20/p/152783/markus-schubert/ FB https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148173/jonjoe-kenny/ FB https://fmdataba.com/20/p/147523/diogo-dalot/ FB https://fmdataba.com/20/p/150084/juan-miranda/ FB https://fmdataba.com/20/p/149436/bastian-oczipka/ CDL https://fmdataba.com/20/p/149936/felix-uduokhai/ CDR https://fmdataba.com/20/p/149387/ozan-kabak/ CD https://fmdataba.com/20/p/158682/kevin-ehlers/ M https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148394/suat-serdar/ M https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148390/dennis-geiger/ M https://fmdataba.com/20/p/150681/dejan-ljubicic/ IFL https://fmdataba.com/20/p/151094/thiago-almada/ FL https://fmdataba.com/20/p/148322/benito-raman/ DLF https://fmdataba.com/20/p/149147/sam-lammers/ DLF https://fmdataba.com/20/p/150676/ahmed-kutucu/ DLF https://fmdataba.com/20/p/164032/torben-musel/ DLF https://fmdataba.com/20/p/159027/joshua-zirkzee/ I hope to be able to act a little more aggressively with this squad or how is your assessment ? Thanks in advance for your answers
  8. Thank you very much to everyone for your tips, I am currently planning the squad for the next season. I will analyze the players again in detail and react accordingly. In any case, I will start with the instructions from @Fabian Jonsson and the @Experienced Defender . I will deal with the preparation very conscientiously because I qualified for the Champions League at the last minute.
  9. Hello, thank you very much for your effort. I would not have noticed a lot of points that you mentioned. I actually thought I had a pretty good DC. My DL is really bad, especially from his side came many flanks that led to goals. Unfortunately my regular DL was injured almost the whole season. I was also very unhappy with my storm. Now that the season is over, I'll clean up the squad and use your comments as a basis.Sorry for my bad English, it's not my mother Language
  10. What tactics would you recommend me when analyzing my team? I personally would like to play attacking football. Thank you in advance for your tips This is my actuell tactic
  11. hallo, ich danke Dir vielmals, habe es mit sehr wenig Aufwand im Editor hinbekommen. Habe mich an den Jong-Mannschaften aus den Niederlanden orientiert:) Gruß
  12. I've already looked at a lot of them, I like his style
  13. After a few more unsuccessful games, I was fired from FC Schalke. I think the main reason was that I sold too many old regulars and I thought I could compensate for everything with talent. Now I have started a new save with FC Toulouse in Ligue 1. Here I am trying to implement a quick switching game. Stand securely at the back and drive fast controlled attacks if you win the ball. So far it works really well, but my left CM (UN) worries me a little. I'm not sure if I chose the right role here. I exclude a BWM (SU) after a few tries because it collects too many cards for me. What do you think of a Carilero, this could also provide more stability behind the IW. I also hired more urgent for the CM-L, IW, W and PF. I have set less urgent for the CD and BPD. I look forward to your feedabck and any improvements.
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