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  1. hallo, ich danke Dir vielmals, habe es mit sehr wenig Aufwand im Editor hinbekommen. Habe mich an den Jong-Mannschaften aus den Niederlanden orientiert:) Gruß
  2. I've already looked at a lot of them, I like his style
  3. After a few more unsuccessful games, I was fired from FC Schalke. I think the main reason was that I sold too many old regulars and I thought I could compensate for everything with talent. Now I have started a new save with FC Toulouse in Ligue 1. Here I am trying to implement a quick switching game. Stand securely at the back and drive fast controlled attacks if you win the ball. So far it works really well, but my left CM (UN) worries me a little. I'm not sure if I chose the right role here. I exclude a BWM (SU) after a few tries because it collects too many cards for me. What do you think of a Carilero, this could also provide more stability behind the IW. I also hired more urgent for the CM-L, IW, W and PF. I have set less urgent for the CD and BPD. I look forward to your feedabck and any improvements.
  4. Klasse würde ich es finden wenn man in Deutschland auch die 2-Mannschaft komplett trainieren, so wie das auch in anderen Ländern möglich ist. Darum mache ich in Deutschland keinen Langzeitsave, weil ich gerne die Mannschaften entwickle und daher für alle Mannschaften Trainingspläne erstelle. Nur so kann man die DNA eine Clubs wirklich entwickeln
  5. In any case and thanks again for the fantastic help
  6. Thank you for your feedback, I will test this .....
  7. I've changed the tactics a little after a few more games. Do you have any tips on what I can change?Many thanks in advance.
  8. allusive stations => play stations => free players sorry for my bad english i am german
  9. allusive stations. And maybe it still helps to emulate David Wagner's philosophy. I hope I'm totally wrong with my approaches.
  10. I tested the two tactics with very little success. With Tactic 1 I notice that I am very safe in the back, but then it is over. I work very few chances. With the 2nd Tactic, the defensive is also quite secure, but I can't make enough play stations in the game setup. I also adapted the training to the playing styles. I've really read a lot over the past few months and tried to work out tactics. I'm just not satisfied with myself or my team this year
  11. Hello, I need help with my tactics with FC Schalke 04. With tactic 1, I want to play against strong teams, there should be a quick switchover game. Tactic 1 I want to use the 2nd tactic when playing against equal or weaker teams. With this tactic, I want to play orderly from behind Tactic 2 I would be really happy for your help. Greetings PS : sorry for my bad english. It is not my mother tongue
  12. I think your tactics and especially the Bielsa style are great. What would interest me, how do you react when you're behind? :)
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