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  1. did you check the preference screen and see if you somehow changed the screen view % ?
  2. Just a couple of thoughts: did your contract expire ? also, the email reads like the team will no longer be playing matches, so they don't need a manager.
  3. i am trying to update the usa national team 3D kit with the current kits that are available. I have installed in the kits folder and cleared the cache etc and have the use kits checked in the in game editor as i normally do, but they do not show in the match. To test, I have renamed the USA home kit to england home and they worked fine with england wearing the usa kit in their last match replay. I reversed it and named the england home to usa home, but again the usa team was still in the default usa kit. I can rename the usa kit to any other team and they work fine, they are only not working for the usa team (go figure) and other teams kits renamed to usa will not show in the match also. (stays as usa default kit) I have tried different name variations for the kits (u.s.a. as they are listed in the game) but still no change. Have also played a new usa match with the same issue, to make sure it wasn't because the other matches were replays that i was testing them on, even though the england match was a replay and the kits worked. This is the only team that has this issue, all the other 3D kits work fine. Has anyone been able to update the usa 3D kits in game? Thank you for any help I can get to resolve this.
  4. I assume your camp dates are in June or July. The MLS is in their regular season during those months, so they will prob not be available for friendlies at that time. That could be the reason as to why you are only getting lower level teams that will schedule with you. I am not sure about the option you mentioned regarding other teams touring the USA.
  5. It is caused by the new update. scroll down to the German National team topic for info.
  6. great, thank you for the reply !!! I noticed cincy had detailed kits on their profile so i thought they might be added. thank you for your help !
  7. MLS has expansion teams starting 2019 (Cincinnati) and then in 2020 ( Miami & Austin) and 2021 (Nashville). Does anyone know or seen in their saves if this has been coded into the game to add these teams also ? Or at least if Cincinnati has been added in the 2019 season ? Thanks
  8. Got it, thank you for the quick response !!
  9. Does this mean this will take place at a certain game date/year (orig post states he is in the 4th year of his save), or the real German NT will no longer be available at all immediately ? I am still in the orig 18-19 game year and it appears the real GNT is still in place, that is why i ask. Thanks
  10. Playing in windows mode does what you are looking for as i recall. you can minimize the game to get to desktop.
  11. Thank you for this info sir. I also had noticed some minor choppiness in the 3D matches after the last update. I have a PC with an NVIDIA card and used the info you listed and it now runs fine. Thank again !!
  12. I would agree. if you look at the screen with the results, on the right side both of those games have the little tv screen, which designates national tv games, which usually have diff start times. Granted, on the last w/e, games usually start at the same time for fairness in r/l.
  13. Thanks for your help and the quick response FrazT
  14. In the in-game editor there is a "become unfireable" option. Am I correct that if this is checked off, that I cannot be sacked ? I cannot find anything in the in-game editor manual that describes what this option does, so i assume it disables sacking for me as manager. thanks
  15. Thanks for the response. I thought so also, but i had asked since the update said "may" require a new save, so wasn't sure if this part did. As an FYI to anyone with the same question, thanks to a response from Neil Brock, I have since found out that this part of the update is included in current saves. If you check the rules section of the PL & Championship leagues, it is now listing it as being included. Thanks again
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