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  1. So.....hows that any different than just buying it every year ?
  2. It's that thing that is meant to level the playing field but the rich clubs are rich enough to scam the system and still leave everyone else pounding sand.
  3. The 3d engine looks to have had a fair overhaul ( or the trailer just had really flattering lighting) and the animation improvements ate immediately apparent. New skin is cool but ideally I'd love it if they just made a skin editor and let the community have at it ( ie an officially supported skinning tool). Otherwise assuming the usual improvements to the AI side ( and discounting the inevitable ME quirks) things are initially looking promising.
  4. Dunno if it was just lighting or what but the 3d engine looked improved and the animations looked much improved. I'll be buying it anyway because I'm weak and hopelessly addicted.
  5. This thread is now just Moderators talking amongst themselves telling everyone how they should feel.
  6. I'm not cool with it at all. It seems a rather insidious practice. I won't buy until they announce the features , and in a perfect world no one else would either. The whole "lets just thank them for the discount" is also nothing to do with this thread, the 2 points are separate and dismissing people s opinions because they should just be grateful to SI is utterly bizarre.
  7. IIRC they once said most people played full fat FM anyway ,s o I'd imagine most people will buy FM17 rather than FMT17. Apparently they were a separate last year as well and FM16 was still top 3 or 4 concurrent all year. Peak concurrent players for FMT 16 was 120 yesterday compared to 59'994 for FM16 so It's not really an issue.
  8. Nice one , I missed that post on the previous page. Could have been made a little clearer with the press release wording though
  9. I mean that's fair enough , it still feels odd they decided to advertise it as a pre order bonus when it's been part of the game since whenever FMC came in (or whatever it was originally called) Edit : Didn't know it was apparently a seperate game last year as well. So will all copies of the full price FM17 get FMT no matter when it's purchased , or only at launch ?
  10. 20% discount makes the Steam version an absolute no brainer this year. Sneaky trying to make it look like the mode that's been part of the game since it's inception is now a free pre order bonus though.
  11. I'd be interested to see the tactics of those who are still seeing a lot of goals coming from crosses. This last version of the ME has seen me some of the most varied football I have ever seem my teams play and the goals are coming from everywhere. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've seens goals scored in the last week I have never seen before in any version of the ME. *I'm not discounting the experiences of those who are seeing this before anyone gets all defensive.
  12. I'd imagine this was the discussion even before an actual bid was made.
  13. RE: The column resize thing ? cant you just right click the little cross and "autosize all columns" ? It's not perfect but it's no where near as bad as last year was.
  14. There was no data updated in this patch, there never is until the post window data update in February.