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  1. struggling to find a final save

    Everton were the best save I've had with 17. Loads of potential , plenty cash etc.
  2. Just on a run into the last few games of the season (Managing Rangers) and have a double header vs Celtic 4 days apart. I won the league the game before the first game vs them Lost 3-2 away in the league game 2nd game is a Scottish Cup Semi-Final (with me now going for a treble) Celtic play their reserves.... Anyone else seen anything like this ?
  3. Interesting stats given the thread Peak time Sunday night UK - People playing Football Manager 17 - 58257 People playing Football Manager 16 - 24543 People playing Football Manager 15 -7859 People playing Football Manager Touch - 1283 So it looks like it remains a mode that is hardly played.
  4. Same issue , the 3d match engine stutter really badly when the game is run full screen , but flawless when in Borderless Windowed. i5 2500k @ 4.4GHZ 16GB Ram 7970GE 3GB
  5. I'm seeing so many free kicks in the exact same spots every game. It's always centrally just outside the box ( maybe a yard of 2 either side) which gets blazed over ( shoots every time , never a pass or chip in) Or its one of those deep ones maybe 10 yards into a half but in a wide area for one of those long floaty crosses in. Loads of crosses hitting the front post or causing the keeper to dive to his post ( including a couple what's the unchallenged keeper dives in his goal and punches it in) . The ME is capable of some really really great movement this year but it does seem to favour 433/4321/4321 sort of variations. I just dumped Leicester out of the Europa 7-2 on aggregate with a really poor Rangers side because they play 442 and my midfield had complete free reign to dictate the game.
  6. So to expand upon my last post - Has anyone been hit with sudden drop in board confidence resulting in a points goal demand etc (possibly in a strange situation , ie in the middle of the season or when you are just outside your target) or been hit with potentially unrealistic expectations in general ? There are a couple similar situation in the data forum and one of the researches is suggesting it may be a bug rather than a DB issue. My example was getting hit with a 11 points in 5 games demand off the board when I was sitting 2nd only 5 points adrift of Celtic with 7 games left (after being top from October to April) , my approval nosedived to 30% and I was eventually sacked. Now the issue I wanted to log in the DB forum was Rangers expectations being too high (or King being too sack happy) given it didn't reflect upon out situation in real life ( Rangers start with a non negotiable "win league" expectation). The Head Researcher suggested this wasn't a DB issue and that I shouldn't have been sacked for sitting second etc. The second example was one of the lads in that thread managing St Johnstone, he was sitting 4th after 15 games , comfortably meeting expectations (probably overachieving) and was hit with a 11 points in 15 games target for "performing well below expectations" Anyone else seen similar things in game ?
  7. [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    Ok , will raise a bug report.
  8. [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    I you start a new game the board expectation is always the same , I am asking if that is something that can be tweaked in the DB , because it in no way represents the situation at Ibrox just now. I'll log the sack happy board as a separate issue , but board expectations etc are Db issues , are they not ?
  9. [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    What about the Rangers Board expectations ? It's a non negotiable " win league" this doesn't really reflect the real life situation.
  10. My assistant has just won Players Manager of the Year award and the FW Manager of the year award in Scotland I holidayed through 1 Betfred Cup group stage game early in the season and Weir is credited with this game and a 100% win record. He has now won 2 MOTY awards despite being an AM and only having taken charge of 1 game. Save uploaded titles AMAward
  11. Can we not save startup settings?

    Don't know if there is a fix . I've had to do mine every new save , which is a pain given how. .....quirky the 3d face gen thing is
  12. black in age section

    Same issue - had beta access. Does it in official and custom skins.
  13. They confirmed there was in the 600MB patch a few days ago. They won't list them though, no idea about the patch last night.
  14. No as they consider everything before as work towards else. I believe going forward there will be patch notes now the game is compete
  15. The fix doesn't work regarding Brazil with ongoing saves , only new ones.