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  1. Huh , usually takes forever to swap , but that went quickly.
  2. Asking again - Does anyone know if there is any way to share graphics folders between FMT and Full Fat this year with them being separate apps ?
  3. With a maximum of 50000 players and no custom DB. The FMT skin is also horrible imho. Every year I try to play a FMT save and just drop it because it feels (rightly or wrongly) lime in playing a tablet game on PC
  4. I'm the same , it's just a blur of lines. It's useless as a tool on an individual player level but I guess it kinda shows where the ball is mostly being passed about. No clue how it's meant to be used/interpreted , though.
  5. if you scout a player you get the optiont o include a highlights package , when you get the report the highlight button is on the bottom right of the screen
  6. Turns out it's not , but is apparently linked to Steam Workshop so you cannot save any set piece routines until the 4th
  7. OK - Set Piece creation I never used this previously and just left stuff on default , but I honestly don't think I've had an attempt on goal from a corner this year so decided to try making a corner routine. 1, How do you save the routine so it can be loaded in other tactics , if I save it doesn't give the option to name the routine or save it to the set piece folder (it just overwrites Routine 1) 2, Is there really no mirror option to just copy the routine for both sides ?
  8. Would also love to see an option to default to inbox, the social feed.....isn't very good. I'm not even that far into my save and already see a lot of stuff repeated , it also seems that the Tweeted stuff has a negative, neutral and positive tweet to most actions and it's kinda boring and predictable tbh
  9. No, I've seen quite a lot of them ( the cross come shots where the keeper ends up having to save or tip over ?) as well. Also lots of free kicks on the edge of the box that just get rifled straight into the wall.
  10. The DA one shows you the passing lanes and heat map etc. I had a look back ad it appears I had missed them, you are right they appear a good time before the actual match.
  11. Hmmm. There is a scout assigned to next opposition (of course ) but the only pre match reports I am getting are from my Data Analyst. I might try reassigning the duty in case there is maybe a bug.
  12. Do we not get a recommendation to what to change Match Prep to Mid Week in the Inbox now ?
  13. Looking back through the matches I've played so far 40-60% on target seems to be where I am falling , seems ok to me.