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  1. You should be able to pick a tactical style and formation from within the tactics creator and it basically play the type of football it claims to. Edit; To clarify - When you use the presets / choose your formation etc, the roles and TI's the presets choose should result in workable tactics. The fact SI put the work in to add the feature but then it doesn't actually create usable tactics isn't great, especially for new players.
  2. Is this right enough ? How do games with comprehensive character creators get round the issue then ?
  3. Which is where the specs issue actually hits home. Devs have went to places like GDC for the last few years bemoaning the poor CPU's in (soon to be) last generation consoles as the single biggest hurdle to improving game AI...FM requires a Pentium 4 ! The graphics debate is truly preference and they are serviceable and probably fairly low down most folks requirement lists, the 12 year old CPU requirement is a different issue and will likely impact any progress SI can make in improving AI behavior throughout the games various modules. One does wonder if that is why the ME doesn
  4. Evolution of the games visuals. All 1920x1080 images taken from gameplay and not Youtube. 2020 is a 1440p image on max settings, the second 2020 image is 1440p Very Low settings.
  5. SI don'texist in a bubble though, the greater industry has moved towards variable performance profiles for their games and releasing specs relative to the resolution and graphical fidelity people are likely to achieve. The specs released just yesterday for Valhalla had like 6 different set of requirements. There's no reason SI couldn't. The argument also treats people like idiots. People know that 12 year old laptop isn't going to result in a great experience, pretending otherwise is just nonsense. Graphical fidelity is the least of the issues anyway, the CPU requirements comp
  6. Aren't the vast majority of copies sold on Steam ? I flipped back to the results for last year given it was available of XGP and Epic store this year, and they are almost identical. You can't just say " Oh we are not representative of Steam users" when the majority of folk are in that ecosystem and included in the hardware tables. Edit: discussion is off topic and for another thread, I'll drop it
  7. You said a significant amount of people attempt to play below minimum spec ( which is a low end 2008 CPU/GPU combo) Steam Hardware results put folk with at or below minimum specs CPU as 0.4% of all Steam users and at / below minimum spec GPU at < 2% of all Steam users. I realize that a lot of folk aren't playing these games on modern rigs so it is what it is.
  8. Well @themadsheep2001 says that a large % of folk are playing on a CPU's older than Pentium 4 so I guess it's possible.
  9. The 3D engine was designed with help from the Virtua Soccer team at SEGA with them providing a lot of the mocap data for the animations. If you watch VS4 footage you can see some very familiar animations. The 3D engine is dated and ugly, we all know that, but SI know the system specs folk are playing on and need to cater to that. Personally I can live with the 3D as is, yes it would be nice if it was better but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's the animations that are immersion breaking imho.
  10. Regarding graphics, taking screens from an already compressed Youtube video is not representative of the game. This is FM 20 @ 1440p on an i7 10700 / RTX 2070S;
  11. SI could stop being so tone deaf though, much like Neil's post on page 1. The media interactions etc are basically a meme at this point, folk really don't care if you can hug your player Otoh folk want to hear about the ME changes , they will want to see more about AI squad building, they will want to hear about the work that's went into the ME in the last year and other under the hood changes that affect the actual meat of the game. Given how most developers talk to/ treat their communities in the age of the internet, it's bizarre that SI go dark 10 months a year and just befor
  12. Recruitment changes look decent, the rest looks like stuff I'll be getting my assistant to do. Consider expectation truly tempered though I am aware you already warned us that Covid would impact the release. Have you guys ever considered these Vlog type videos with staff working on the ME, lets us know what changes are coming ?
  13. We are talking 12 year old tech here. Eventually they are going to have to take the jump and potentially leave a % of the player base behind. Maybe you are privy to the % of users still playing on below Pentium 4 processors ? According to steam hardware survey dated September 2020 less that 1% of people are using a Pentium 4 or equivalent and less that 6% ish are using the required GPU
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