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  1. Id be happy for a bit of variation in the ME. It's tire someseeing the exact same goals over and over. A bit of variation in the football in general would be good, doesn't seem to make a great difference what level of player you have or what level you are playing at, the football is all exactly the same to watch.
  2. Maybe you need to learn the definition of a sweeper keeper then ? There are probably a handful of keepers in the world that actually fulfil the role. being comfortable with the ball at your feet doesn't make you a SK
  3. Played a few more games and it's the same as my last post - AI seems to be much more aggressive in the press and tempo Wide play seems weird , less crosses , more 50 yard passes back to the midfield ( my winger is also playing very narrow despite attacking width being much wider and him having hugs line etc ) Hollywood passes 50+ yards over the AI d line for a lone striker to chase seems the norm. Seems like it's just went too far the other way ( still not convinced there was an issue if you actually looked at what was being counted as a "cross") That stupid issue where the player will get the ball and run away from play towards the corner flag just to cross is still there though.
  4. Nonsense. It's a skill maybe a handful of top keepers have but by no means is it a must have for a modern gk
  5. Post patch opposition teams seem to be playing really aggressive in tempo and pressing. Wee bit disappointed the crossing whiners seem to have won as well. My goals spread were pretty well distributed ( most the assists marked as crosses were cutbacks or passes in the box) but post patch same team same setup and it's all 60 yard Hollywood passes in behind their d line. It's like both the AI and our players are being hyper aggressive on even modestly high tempo/pressing setups
  6. The Eurogamer review was fair imho. The training changes have still left a daunting and complicated system that will see all but the most hardcore pump it off to the AM as usual. The UI and presentation is decent and there are a few welcome QoL changes. It's a typical 6-7/10 FM release and that's fine.
  7. Just had a Brexit kill my save. Can't play a foreigner in the first team in Scotland unless he earns 8k PW or a loanee / senior in the 23's unless he earns 3k That's mental money for Scotland
  8. Some of the attacking movement is really odd - loads of instances of fairly central players with room / passing options in front making weird diagonal runs away from play so they can cross it from wide.
  9. There is definitely something iffy with player conditioning. I've just had a player not play for 2 weeks due to the international break ( not an international ) get 30 minutes as a sub ( was 100/100) and got a jaded warning the next inbox cycle.
  10. Yeah I understand this , I'm noticing it because it seems to be more prevalent than usual. I've a CM with 19/19 for stamina and natural fitness who has had to be rested twice 12 games into the season due to jadedness ( no WC ) The match condition thing seemed notable because condition seems to be dipping well into the low 60's with players who start 90+ and it coupled with the match injury frequency it seemed odd. I've 29 entries in my first team injury history by the 17th of September ( it says 80 total expected). Edit - AM is handling training and I do rotate to try to preserve fitness.
  11. I'm always wary of injury moaners but I'm getting a lot during matches + players who weren't at the WC tired and jaded only 10 games into the season. I dunno if it's related to high tempo high pressing tactics or whatever but players match condition seems to get low very very quickly
  12. Again , it's broken down in the financials if you can actually be bothered to look. I can see your not moving on this , I'll just take your word for it that Celtic pay 25m in wages and an additional 34 to run their museum
  13. Id wager that the wage bill for the cleaning lady , kitman and coaches doesn't come anywhere near the 34 million discrepancy in the wages in game. The rangers wage bill is out by around 85000 pw and I'd imagine they have very similar additional staffing costs to Celtic. The Celtic wage bill is out by 800'000 PW compared to their financials. I agree you can't be 100% accurate , you can at least try to get ball park though. Edit - the operational costs including labour are actually broken down in the financials. Operational costs Inc labour were 87 million , the 59 million is the wages for the football operation alone so you're way off trying to dismiss the discrepancy as massive hidden costs. It's there in the annual reports for nearly every club in the league.
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