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  1. Is there a bug with manager ratings from board expectations ? It went to the wire with celtic for the league, i finished with 96 points to their 99 and was only ever a point or 2 behind yet all season the board were angry that I was so far behind. Also got an E rating despite finishing with 96 points, reaching 2 finals and last 16 of teh Europa
  2. Are folk really tring to use concurrent players on steam to talk about how well the game is doing ? FM is consistently in the top 5-10 played games on a platform that averages 90 million unique users per month. Comparing it to Fifa is weird tbh.
  3. Weird one, I've played 2 more since that post and it now sits at 16 penalties for me in 8 games.
  4. Is anyone else still getting loads of penalties ? I got to try the patch for the first time last night (continued beta save) and I have had 13 penalties (for me) in 6 games
  5. Pressing and Complete both doing the same. just sitting there watching the world go by while my wide players shoot into the side netting from acute angles
  6. Central striker movement is really something. They just stand round about the middle of the edge f the box and move between there and the penalty spot.
  7. It is for me, I'd get no enjoyment playing a game where half the DB had a consistency and important matches of 1, some folk might.
  8. The fact that over half the players in his database had broken attributes ? If you're only fixing them for your team what's the point in playing, it's basically just cheating.
  9. Did you read the post further up on the last page about the scale of the problem and that some of the hidden attributes are broken as well ? It's not just a youth having low determination issue and if that guys post is accurate it's certainly in the realms of a game breaking bug.
  10. I can't see an easy way to see missed penalties since the patch in my game, but in 7 rounds of League fixtures there have been 17 penalties scored and I have scored 11 of them (I've missed 4 more) There has been 2 Europa fixtures for me in that time as well with no penalties awarded.
  11. Think that's one for uploading to the bugs forum Thats 15 penalties in 8 matches now I think.
  12. Im sitting on 37 minutes in a game vs St Mirren and I've just had my 5th penalty all from tackles on the Right WB running into the box.
  13. Wing play is weird, I have Ryan Kent and Ojo at Rangers so bags of pace, the amount of times I have seen them get the ball on the edge of their own box, blitz the length of the pitch beating everyone and then shoot from the by-line rather than take advantage of the 3 on 1 advantage we have. I can't get central striker involved at all, looking at the heat maps for the last 7 games and the opposition box is colour free. Attacks inevitably result in the central pairing throwing it wide, and my winger (who seems to want to sit in the half space by default) will run into the box and either stop and play a pass out the box or shoot from a really acute angle. There is no square balls or crosses being put into the space between the D line and the goal.
  14. I've played 7 games since the update. Playing in Scotland with Rangers and I have had 9 penalties in 7 games, scored 8. No penalties awarded against me. Edit : Looking at the other games in the league since the update it appears penalties are fine, maybe even a little low averaging less than 1 per round of fixtures.
  15. Also Brexit related issue :- Playing in Scotland and the new rules state that upon appeal for a work permit, 3 appeal points will be awarded if the transfer fee is in the top 50% of transfers from the EPL in the last 2 years. Surely that should be the SPL otherwise how is that even fair.
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