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  1. Nah it;s since the release patch. I've a save with Saint Etienne where I have just won the league in first season after being expected to finish 10th. My top scorer had 2 less goals than Neymar (7.56) and only scraped a 7.01. Of my title winning squad I have 2 players over a 7 average over the course of the season. the 2 wide mean have double figure goals and assists each for the season and are like 6,8*. Doesn't seem to be affecting AI controlled players weirdly enough.
  2. My save has fallen off a cliff post patch. Wasn't using a cheat tactic either just a 4-3-2-1 with IFa Mez/DLP/CM APs and a AF up top, positive approach, very few instructions (Counter press, focus play through middle etc). Football looked good pre patch now it's all a bit slow and the wide players just keep cutting it back when they should cross or rattling it into the defender. Time to shelve it till March.
  3. There is absolutely no need to buy anyone in the first window, the squad is easily good enough to go the season barely dropping any points and getting out the Europa Groups. Save your money for summer 21' with possible CL cash to bolster the funds.
  4. I think we should enjoy this ME while we have it, fully expecting to be back to strikers that never score come release day patch
  5. I very much doubt the number of folk playing FM who never ever have the Steam connected to the internet is even worth mentioning, however, even if it is, if you have even a passing understanding of statistics and the sample sizes needed for accurate extrapolation, then you'll know the figures would largely stay the same. Now granted those figures are for FM20, but we get the same arguments every year. Generally I expect the arguments come from folks mostly setting their rep high, using good teams with downloaded tactics and signing the FOTM players and wonder kids.
  6. Folk wanting a harder game but the ME to stay as good as it is in an attacking sense are going to be sorely disappointed if they get their wish. The better attacking has clearly come at the expense of defending in the ME, you'll maybe get a slightly harder game, but it'll be with a ME closer to that of 20 than BETA '21 Edit: Given this is a yearly thread, lets look at some stats FM 20 - only 42% of players ever won a MOTM award - 49% of players went on a 10 match unbeaten run - 36% of players won a domestic cup - 27% of players won a domestic
  7. Just for clarification, what do the new star ratings mean, they seems to be lower across the board. I assume it isn't just suitability for role/position now ?
  8. The ME is really really solid. Finally seen a chipped goal, fullbacks diving into tackles and some really clever passages of passing that could never have happened in 20. Averaging over a penalty power match though. I'm not sure I fully understand the the new star system either. Is it the players ability to play the role in general or in comparison to my squad. Ie if it's the latter they could still have a decent star rating but be crap for the role.
  9. I don't like the match ui. Visually more appealing ? Maybe, but functionality wise things are hidden and not exactly clear where they're to be found. The general UI (l scale bugs aside) is ok but there's a few things that just feel slower (clicking/hovering on the (i) is slow to bring up stats and didn't always take them away when you move the mouse or close click) I can't find where it used to say what side a player prefers playing on anymore either and how do you get the player selected to appear in the tactics drop down ? Processing is descent, savi
  10. Click on the top left hand corner it pull down a match review and you can click on teh time a goal was scored to replay. OT- There has been a clear and marked improvement to the visuals and the animations, looks half way decent now and the animations are much less stunted.
  11. The auto graphics option is too conservative, I'm playing on a 2070 Super / i7 10700 and its recommending a mixture of high and medium. The game has no issue running with all at VH
  12. I've played a Beta save as a main save as long as they have being doing Beta's. Never had any issues.
  13. So wake up to Amazon ******* up folks Xbox Pre -orders, then see the ads on Facebook that the Beta is out. So I think oh well at least I can do that today........What a crap start to the day haha
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