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  1. Ok my bad than. Maybe its an idea to keep the 4 slots a bit further apart when saving in fmm21 though, might just be me but its not the first time I select a wrong slot
  2. I accidentaly overwrote the wrong save slot with my current save, where I already had a save. Is there any way to get my old save back?
  3. Also it would be great to choose to join a new club at the end of the season as there are usually only about 2 jobs available per country per summer. Would be very handy to sign a contract midway through but finish the season where you are
  4. Hello, the world cup and the Africa cup afterwards have been played now for a while, and the world cup appeared months after it was played. After the Africa cup I resigned and it also didn't appear in the international history yet. Now about a year later I checked again and it was there now.. So i guess it just takes very long before a major international tournament appears.
  5. Only with the African Cup of Nations so far. Qualifiers did appear though. Soon I will be playing the world cup, I'll found out if I have the same problem there.
  6. In both FMM 20 and 19, I had this problem. In ''manager history'' ''ínternational history by competition'' tournaments you've played won't appear. Qualifiers and Nations League do, but in FM 19 I played the confederations cup with Argentina and now the Africa cup with Senegal, but it's nowhere to be seen...
  7. In the mobile version you are limited to 30 seasons indeed. Can I ask what happened afterwards? Did you get some sort of ending screen or did it just stop?
  8. In my current save, I have 9 active leagues spread over 4 countries. However between 2 seasons there are only about 2 jobs available, not more than during any other time of the season. It's really hard to finish a season and find a good new club during the break. Anyone who can explain?
  9. It doesn't matter how many chances you create they'll miss it anyway, only if you're behind. I can't be the only one with this problem
  10. Hello there, I've got two completely diffrent questions: 1. What do the grean arrowslike things in player boxes mean, on the same spot as the blue exclamation mark? 2. Does the Champions league draw work with pots? In EURO cup my group was Krasnodar, Union, BATE an Sarajevo, and another group was PAOK, plzen and Basel...
  11. Hi, I lately bumped into a problem: One of my youth players contract was expiring in a few months, and another club made a bosman offer for him. But I wanted to earn some money with a deal, so I gave him a new huge contract, planning to sell him next summer. But now he is still ''looking forward to joining Hamburger SV'', even though I have offered him to clubs, and I agreed terms with another club. But now, about twenty days later, He still didn't talk to that club, and I can't offer him again. His contract will expire in two years, will I have to wait two years? I cannot release him as well.
  12. No I don't... I do have a save file from just after I got the Denmark job.
  13. My reputation is National, but I think that's kind of weird as it was local or regional (not quite sure) and I didnt do a lot good:)
  14. Hello, There happened some very weird things in my manager career. I never managed a big club yet, and my performances weren't that great. Then I joined FC Volendam who were on first place in the second division, with around 6 matches still to go and 11 points ahead. After one match I bacame champion, I actually didn't need to do anything for it. Next season I was fired because I was in relegation danger. But now, I guess because I've something in my trophy cabinet, I got job offers from countries like Denmark, Colombia, Netherlands and Portugal. I accepted Denmarks job offer, and the overall
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