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  1. No I don't... I do have a save file from just after I got the Denmark job.
  2. My reputation is National, but I think that's kind of weird as it was local or regional (not quite sure) and I didnt do a lot good:)
  3. Hello, There happened some very weird things in my manager career. I never managed a big club yet, and my performances weren't that great. Then I joined FC Volendam who were on first place in the second division, with around 6 matches still to go and 11 points ahead. After one match I bacame champion, I actually didn't need to do anything for it. Next season I was fired because I was in relegation danger. But now, I guess because I've something in my trophy cabinet, I got job offers from countries like Denmark, Colombia, Netherlands and Portugal. I accepted Denmarks job offer, and the overall board confidence was already green... Does someone have a explaination for those two strange things?
  4. Hello, I started my career with atribute masking selected, and that worked for a while, but now, after about 9 years, There is no atribute masking anymore and I don't need to scout. How can I change that again?
  5. Hello, this is not really a bug, but I was just wondering what the good thing about a bigger stadium actually is. Does it make your budget higher? Because in ''real life'' the chance that Sunderland will play in the PL in 10 years, is bigger than thats Portsmouth will play PL. Just because it's a bigger club. Is it also like that in FM??
  6. Oke, thank you, I'll just give some youth players a contract:)
  7. But I cannot fix it? So I just have to choose 4 players to let go? Or will there be a little update or something soon.
  8. When I gave all of the players with grey writing a contract, except 4, the last 4 dissapeared.
  9. It has to many MBs... I can only attach 9.77 MB and the file is 35.12 MB
  10. sure, what do I need to send, a screen shot or a record?
  11. Hello, I am currently managing a semi-professional club and a lot of players haven't got a contract yet. I wanted to give them all a contract, a first step to become a stable professional club. But after I gave some players a contract, the 4 last players without a contract suddenly dissapeard. I have still got plenty of wage budget left, and for sure not to many players (first 20, now only 16) After I closed the game and tried again it happened again. Why does this happen and how can I solve it?
  12. Unfortunetly I can't right now, because I've already played the play-offs. Maybe someone else can?
  13. Hello, I'm managing De Graafschap in the Dutch second division and I reached the play-offs for promotion/relegation. In the real world the 4 teams who were classified highest, don't have to play a 1st round. The for lowest classified teams have to play a first round against each other, and the winners of those two matches plays against one of the two teams from the 1st division. In FM mobile it's exactly vice versa. So it's actually beter to finish 6th then to finish 2nd. Maybe an idea to fix this in the next update?
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