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  1. Thanks a lot! I used some of your suggestions, and made a few tweaks myself: The left side (overload side) is now WB(S), MEZ(A) and IW(S) (the last one with Take More Risks as PI). The right is now IWB(S), AP(S) and W(A). The AP(S) might be switched to a DLP(S)? Dont know, just wondering. Also Im thinking about swapping the fullbacks, I liked your idea of IWB, IW and MEZ to create overloads, but since I changed the unlocked role to W(A), Im a bit on the fence about a WB and W partnership. I also removed work the ball, and am now telling the team to pass into spaces and use low crosses. Been having some pretty good results so far, again, thanks a lot for the help!
  2. After reading @crusadertsar's amazing post on Total Football, I decided to try my hand on some overloading tactics, but I'm struggling to actually, well, overload. The pandemic has given me a lot of free time, so I can actually watch some of my games (on 2D classic to see players' positioning better), and they just don't seem to overload a flank very well. The players are too far apart, and it feels like the switch to the other flank is either too soon (when we are starting the build up), or just too slow (with the players slowly passing the ball around). We had a good pre season, but the games have been more about my team being better, than the tactical play. There are some moments with the fullback (on the overloading side) getting some crosses when he has next to no marking whatsoever, but my IF(A) (the player I actually want to free) is always marked. I think something is wrong with the overloading flank, maybe with both flanks, and I could really use some help . This is my tactic right now: I have Wilson and Taylor as my main creators, and I use a AP(S) on the right side (overload) to draw the ball towards that side. All players (except IF(A) and WB(D)) have close down more and tackle harder. The ideia is to get the ball on the right side, and free Hlozek and Shackleton. To balance the number of attacking players on the left, I have the WB on Defend duty, overall, I think it should work well, but it hasn't worked so far. I have no illusions, it is a bang average team, but there are some players that could do some work. My key players are: Harry Wilson: Kenneth Taylor: Martin Álvarez: and Adam Hlozek: I also have a problem with my left back, he is pretty good, but for some godforsaken reason, whenever he goes forward, something really bad happens, and he managed to concede 7 penalties last season, even though he is pretty solid defensively, so I only dare use him on Defend or Support duty. Sorry for the long post, but I am a bit lost, maybe I'm just thinking about the tactic the wrong way. So, please, if you have any ideia what am I doing wrong, I kinda need every idea possible. Cheers.
  3. Started a save with ManU on FM 20, but I just couldn't find Japan on the list of countries to scout. It seems to have happened only with Japan, but I might be wrong here. I have uploaded the save game as Cant Scout Japan. Cheers \o
  4. Oh, I see. Just found a bit odd, since HoYD is a role that's been around for quite some time. Either way, thanks for clarifying. Cheers.
  5. So, I have started some games, both on beta and on the full release version. And everytime I start a new game, I come across some newgen staff like these guys. Anyway, is it intentional? I mean, they are a bit.... overtuned. Since I have never found anything like that on previous FM, I wonder if these overpowered staff are a thing now, or just bugs? (Btw, sorry for my english, it's not my first language)
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