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  1. Hello managers, I need some advice. I bought a young talent during the winter transfer with the promise to make him play his favorite role, which happened to be in conflict with my top scorer player (my fault). I also promised to reach the Champions League which I did so I thought that he would be upset with me, sure, but not too much. Now, he is young with lots of potential and his value is skyrocketing month by month due to his good performance and he has signed a 5 years contract so I am not concerned for the moment. However he is unhappy and I am afraid he is going to create chaos in
  2. Thank you for your reply. I totally see your point. I was not able to play recently, I will provide them tomorrow at the latest.
  3. I am having some issues in selecting the best combination of roles in my Genoa's 4-1-2-3 narrow tactics. I know that there is no real perfect combination but I guess I lack of knowledge to decide which roles are the best combined to miximise the offensive power of my tactics. I have so many strikers that I had to go for a narrow option to begin with. Any tips? I'll update this post with screenshots as soon as I will go back to my save.
  4. Dear Managers, This is my first post in the forum, even though I am a huge fan of the FM series since 2010, so first things first: hello! Please to meet you. I am in my first game of FM19 training a really good Genoa aiming at a qualification to the next Europa League. I am currently at the beginning of December and I would like to plan for the Mid Season Training Camp. I have seen this is a new feature for FM19 in a twitter announcement here, however I am not sure how to organize it. Should I go trough the Management? Is it an option in the training tab? Tha
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