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  1. Just in general processing. Start game, maybe makes it through menu sometimes not even that, then crashes at any point. Not happened in game yet, not managed to get that far yet. Having the issue every time, tried maybe 10 times. No sorry, thats the odd thing, made no changes at all prior to this happening so struggling to see what is causing it. I have yes, have un/reinstalled game and deleted all the files too. No change unfortunately! Sorry thats not much to go on but have tried deleting everything and even now when reinstalled it’ll tempt me with a few minutes and then go black screen and reboot the laptop. Thanks for replying and for any help you can offer
  2. Hi there, Played FM19 on Mac right throughout beta and all through proper release no issues at all. But now out of nowhere the game crashes Mac completely. It doesn't show a standard crash dump file, just black screen and reboots after a few minutes of having game open. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both game and Steam, and have updated OS to Mojave 10.14.1 as well, still no change. Even lowered graphics to very low and validated files and no change either. Seems odd it worked seamlessly before and out of nowhere now restarts my whole system. Recognise it may be laptop not game, but any experience/help with problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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