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  1. Ok no worries Dan. I didn't play FM18 I've jumped from FM17 which only had West Cheshire Div 1 in so thanks for adding the other 2 Divisions. I'm looking forward to starting for Level 13 with a local team.
  2. Can you please add West Cheshire Div 1 (Level 11), West Cheshire Div 2 (Level 12) and West Cheshire Div 3 (Level 13) these are my local leagues. Dan if you don't get round to adding them I will attempt to add them myself once you release the database. And thanks for doing this amazing database makes FM so much more enjoyable.
  3. Hi Dan I know how busy you are but when you get to level 12 and 13 would it be possible to add West Cheshire Div 2 and 3 please. The level of detail is amazing keep up the GREAT WORK
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