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  1. Thank you all for the input! I've played about half a season now and the only change I did so far was take the advice of having a "runner" next to the DLP so it's a CM (S) instead of CM (D). I'm using a B2B type of player however in a 2 man midfield I feel letting him Roam would be a mistake. I tried it a couple of matches however he links up play a lot better as a CM (S). Also it allows me to switch him to a more defensive duty when I need to shut up shop. I guess you could say he is almost playing like Kante is next to Jorginho. Although he is more of a Keita type of player. I've also not gone with Be More Expressive. We play a lot better without it selected. We are playing slightly like a Gegenpressing style out of possesion. I've kept More Urgent pressing but upped the D-Line, Narrowed the Width, selected Offside Trap and get stuck in.
  2. Hi there! I need help building a 4-2-3-1 for my New England Revolution side. I have settled on how I want to play but implementing it doesn't seem to be working on the pitch. My current philosophy, if you will, is that I want to play with a "Positive" mentality + Shorter passing, Work ball into the Box, More urgent Pressing and for the players to be more Expressive. I also want my GK to either play the ball to centrebacks or fullbacks depending if the opposition team is playing with 1 or more strikers. I've read a few guides on this forum and have settled on the current set up for player roles : SK (S) - Playing positive mentality probably sees my team playing quite far up so he is set as SK to deal with any balls over the top. WBR (A) - Set to attack as my AMR is on support so he is the overlapper. CD's - Both central defenders are set as bog standard defenders. Didn't want anything too fussy and if I do have a composed ball player then I could just use PPM's to dictate what he does. WBL (S) - More conservative then the WBR as ahead he has a IF on attack and in midfield a DLP on support. DLP (S) - On the right MC spot I've got a DLP on support. The thinking here is he mixes both defensive and offensive duties and is a good outlet for defenders and support for attackers if the break isn't on. CM (D) - I've got the other MC as just a standard midfielder on defend however I feel maybe I'm missing a trick here not having him on support? My initial thought was just having a combative player in there that could recycle. W (S) - Only reason really for the winger on the right was to create spaces in the middle for the other three attackers. AMC (S) - Didn't want him to be a playmaker so all attacks go through him but more of an all-rounder in attacking midfield. AMC (S) seemed to be the best role for him. IF (A) - I have a really good IF on the left so wanted him to be involved as much as possible in attack. Has a WB supporting him from behind and can be fed by the AMC as well. DLF (A) - I like this role. Is involved in the build-up play but also get's in the box. I like the variation. Question for the community is can you see anything glaringly wrong? I haven't set any PI's as of yet as I'm still learning but I could use some help on TI's based on the roles given. Thanks.
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