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  1. I think I might be ending my Salford City save right here. Won all the prizes we could win, first time I went undefeated for an entire season in the Premier League and reached the point where the players I brought in 8 seasons ago (lots of emotional attachment, painful to sell) 1 by 1 want new challenges as we have won so many trophies over the past years. Would have to reform the squad to some extent, not like that would be a big challenge but might be the right time to try something new. As you can tell from my top scorers I rotate a lot between 2 different squads (every position has a good back up) so all players remain good fitness throughout the season.
  2. How has the brexit been treating all of you? I have been lucky I guess getting the maximum 17 foreigners rule. Reached the point where I can keep players in my team for a long time, not having to upgrade because they are top quality, so eventually they are getting the English nationality. Basically a cheap way around paying big time for English players. When I combine that with getting them at the age of 18 and developing them myself, they won't be a foreigner and count towards the European rules for being at the club between 15 and 21 for at least 3 years.
  3. Feels like it is one of those players that has big value for the squad when he plays, but half of the time is unavailable because he gets himself in trouble this way.
  4. Been a while since I have been around on these forums. Not played too much FM lately, but recently got sucked back into my old save game with Salford City. We are in 2027 right now and had 1 incredible season, which I never thought that would happen after the 3-0 loss to Arsenal early in the year. Shame of the extra time loss against Man City for the European Super Cup, but otherwise it would have made a perfect season. Got completely outplayed away at Barcelona as well, never expected to turn that around at home as we did not create a single chance. Went very attacking from the start, had some goals to make up for and were all over them at home.
  5. I am looking for a team to start a new career as I just completed my goal with my Salford City save, which was winning the CL and winning the Premier League. Again looking for a lower league team, prefer not in England this time.
  6. You tell me. I am as surprised as you are probably. Won the Europa League, won the European Super Cup and after another half of the season I am currently in 1st after 22 games (6 points difference) and could not get through the Champions League group much easier than I did. Think key was finding the right players on loan and finding the right players that were free agent or that had an expiring contract. Did some manual scouting, putting hours in it also pays off. Also you should not be afraid to let the worst players on your team leave if you can replace them by a player that instantly improves the level in the starting XI. The former starter then becomes the sub. First season in the Premier League was definitely the hardest by far, but luckily the board allowed a transferbudget from that point. Then also with some creative scouting and finding the right bargains you can come a long way. Now in my 3rd Premier League season I am still only expected to make Euro Cup qualification, so the 2nd place last season and winning the Europa League was not expected at all. But to be very honest, I am not even a very experienced FM player. I used to play a few years ago, did something similar with Luton back then (but did not win the Prem or CL in the end). Edit: Season ended. Won the league, won the FA cup (extra time wins in the Quarters vs Liverpool and final vs Chelsea) and even though I got a bit lucky vs Arsenal in the Champions League (outplayed me in the away game but got the draw and away goals), the wins over Bayern and Barcelona were very deserved! Lost for words basically, not expecting to complete Salford City this soon.
  7. Salford City Had an extremely good 3rd season in the Premier League, combining a 2nd place on goal difference with winning the Europa League. Now we are in the Champions League for the first time, in a group with Ajax, Olympiakos and Young Boys. Little unlucky with the draw in the Carabao cup, matching me with title winner Spurs in our first round. And won the European Super Cup against PSG, which was a little undeserved but I do not mind it. Off to a good start in the League too with 15 out of 5, though they were all easier games. Now have games with Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester coming up in the next month with Ajax-away throughout the week. 2024/2025 2025/2026
  8. I also use 'Get stuck in' for big games. But besides that it is pretty much the same.
  9. I remember drawing to Spurs early in the season by conceding in the 91st minute thinking; 'this better not cost me my place to qualify for the Euro Cup'. Well, it didn't.. but it turned out to be even worse! Amazing season though, 2nd in the league by 5 goal difference and won the Euro Cup in 2024/2025. Hopefully even better next season but it will be nearly impossible to do just as well!
  10. Not too happy with this. I mean: extra funds, but not sure where to spend it on. I need a leftback but so far I have been unable to find a good one over the summer (the one I found decided to move to the Wolves). And in exchange they are expecting me to get into the Euro Cup (again, because this season I got a 2-0 home win over Lyon and a 1-8 away win vs Dynamo Kyiv) instead of finishing midtable.
  11. 90+2, 90+6, 90+8. Crazy. And statwise it's just one of those games you feel like you should win but your team ain't converting the chances as well as the opponent.
  12. Second season in the Premier League has finished. Goal was to avoid relegation. Was 99% sure I was going to make that (just did not want to make expectations of my board too high in case I would have another injury crisis like the season before) and was hoping for a midtable finish myself. Even did better than that by finishing in 6th, which qualifies me for the Euro Cup. Been put in a group with Lyon, Kyiv and Slavia Prague. Board set me the goal to get out of the groups and hopefully I am able to do so. Quality wise I think Prague and Kyiv can't compare with the top of the Prem so I am hopeful to achieve that. OL could give us very hard games though. The season so far has got me 7 points out of 4 games, of which 2 teams finished above me in the last season and another is Chelsea, who is still Chelsea imo and not some midtable team.
  13. First time I actually got to spend money was when I promoted to the Premier League. Will show you the first 2 years of transfers for me. Reason for me to move players quickly and only offer them short term contracts is so you can easily upgrade with other free players of better quality once you move up. Basically looks like this for the first 4 seasons, then when I went up to PL I got to spend like 20 million.
  14. I signed Hämäläinen as well, first took him on loan in the first season and picked him up for free at the start of the second season. After the first season he never has been a starter though, because I brought in Sam Hart on a free transfer from Blackburn. For now if you need a CB I advice you Tom Holmes on loan from Reading and from next season onwards you could pick up Nathan Philips (Liverpool) for free. Both of them have stuck with me till the Championship. Good luck with Salford, I just finished 6th in the Prem, qualifying for the Euro Cup.
  15. Basically nothing till I hit the Premier League. Relied on free transfers and loans.
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