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  1. DaniKZh

    Additional Leagues not working

    Fair enough, although I have used one of the Claassen's patches for a few versions of Football Manager in a row without changing them, not all of the leagues worked tho, but the ones I needed worked fine, well I ll bear in mind that it is better to get the new editor data files every version from now on. P.S: about the bugs in the FM editor that's what Claassen said himself about being hard to update files in this version of FM particularly plus from what I can see and as I said that's the first version of FM which caused me that type of a problem, anyway thanks for reply, cheers!
  2. DaniKZh

    Additional Leagues not working

    A little update, searching through the forums to find any info I have found out that due to some bugs with the new Football Manager's editor additional leagues addons from previous years does not work in this version of the game and all the files has to be updated by the publishers (I have already downloaded the new updated files by Claassen and some from steam workshop and it works perfectly fine). Also with the new updated files there is no need to put the "database" folder into "editor data" folder which previously caused me a confusion which you can see on the screenshot above. To sum this up I guess we just need to wait while publishers update all the files from 2018 to make it compatible with the 2019 version for doing what I wanna say big thanks to them and for making the game more realistic, its a shame that this is the first version of FM where such problem has occurred. So for those who has been always using additional leagues in the previous versions of this game, just delete those files and download new ones from 2019 as the old ones won't work!
  3. @claassen Hey claassen! Could you please help me providing some info on an issue I have with your pack in FM19, I have created a topic which is here I would be really greatfull if you could check this out and tell me whether I am missing something or something is really wrong here
  4. Hello! So I tried to start a discussion on steam but it is really inactive so I ll try here. So basically I have downloaded some addons such as logo packs, kits, facepacks and additional leagues as I always do before starting any new career in a new Football Manager game. However, in this Football Manager I have a problem with the additional leagues, it is a Claassen Leagues pack 2018, and at first I could not even edit a database at all to select those leagues because it was greyed out and the only database I could choose was version 19.1.0. Afterwards I found out that if you put a folder called "database" to your "editor data" folder you would be able to edit the database and it will no longer be greyed out which actually worked BUT my game still can not see the fmf files which are leagues I want to use, only things I can see in the editing database section are my kits (I have no clue why am I able to edit my kits in the database section, this never happened to me before in any FM games) but anyway all my fmf league files are located in "editor data" folder without any subfolders as an instruction says and as I have always been doing. Can you PLEASE help me to find out whats wrong with it, maybe I am missing something, again I have never had any problems with installing and using additional content to the game in any versions before this one. P.S: my logos, facepacks, background and kits looks like working so the only problem is with the additional leagues. P.S.S: on the screenshot that is the type of things that I see in the database editor, no option to choose leagues there or whatsoever, instead there are some random things