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  1. No, everything is gone...Don't matter. I will start over then
  2. Good news Jimmy, After deleting the cashes I can start again. One small thing...I lost my game? Can I find it back?
  3. Hello Jimmy, I just deleted in hidden items the cache folder and the preference folder. No not an anti-virus.
  4. Hello Hello Jimmy, Wel not really crash. I start the game via steam or via the link and I see 'football manager 2019 loading' and after that black screen...and then nothing. I cannot close it normally but steam says that it's running. I've send you dxdiag, but I can't find the map crash dumps...there isn't any (just games, editor data, languages, matches and skins) Kind regards DxDiag.txt msinfo32.nfo
  5. Goodmorning, Anyone who can help me out? Still black screen and staging Kind regards from Belgium
  6. In the meanwhilte went through FAQ, tried everything...Still doesn't work....
  7. Good evening, Since yesterday I can't play anymore. I see 'loading Football Manager 2019' and after that a black screen. The system says that i'm playing, but I can't do anything and i don't see anything. I installed Direct X...but doesn't help. Football Manager is 'staging', but that's it. I just deleted the game and re-installed it, but still a no go. Getting desperate. What do I have to do? Intall and buy a virus scanner? Anything else?
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