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  1. What is his current level of ability (i.e. Championship or League One)? Pick the club that matches that so he gets appropriate (i.e. the right level for him) playing experience.
  2. Hi SI Team - I have two small B team issues that I believe only developed after the latest patch. I note that my prior B team (Barcelona B) issues were resolved by this patch, but these two have now developed. I have uploaded my save game as follows - "SI Bug - Barcelona Beta Apr 4 2020.fm" My two new issues: 1. I now cannot get a Squad Depth Chart for the Barcelona B team at all; and 2. I cannot make any U 19 players available to play for the Barcelona B team. Thanks again for all of your good work.
  3. Thanks, Ben! And thanks to entire SI Staff - loving the new features; great game (again); looking forward to full release.
  4. Hey SI Staff - is there a reason why no one has responded they are looking into this (or other B team topics as well)? Just wondering why this issue/thread has been skipped over. Thanks.
  5. Good to see other Barca players and that my B team issues are something everyone is dealing with. Hopefully this can all be resolved in full release version as I would like to have total control of Barca B, the way you do with U23 teams in other leagues.
  6. In my Barcelona save, I have had significant issues with Barcelona B coach staff. In my uploaded save ("SI Bug - Barcelona Beta Oct 30 2019") the B Team Staff Screen (off of main Staff screen) Coach screen shows: 1/1 Head Coach, 0/1 Assistant Coach, 1/0 Head of Youth Development, and 0/6 Coaches. However, the stick figures in this same screen only show 4 figures - Head Coach, Head of Youth Development, a Coach/Data Analyst and the (Vacant) Assistant Coach. So the inventory shows I can hire 6 coaches, but the figures show no vacancies for these coaches (aside from assistant coach). Further, I found two Barcelona B staff members -- Albert Peris (coach) and Pau Marti (assistant coach) -- who show up in the Staff Search function as Barcelona B Coaches with contracts, but who are not listed as Barcelona B staff when I go to Barcelona B -> Staff Menu or show up in the Barcelona B Staff section, detailed above. In addition, I just received a message (October 30, 2019 inbox item) about yet still another Barcelona B Assistant Coach who was fired and I had never heard about or knew he was employed (Harry Van der Laan). I had received a similar message a few weeks before this one (again Barcelona B assistant coach), but it didn't show up in news filter of this save. Note, I attempted to hire Barcelona B coaches at beginning of this save (seeing the 0/6), but the Board blocked this. Thanks.
  7. On the Training->Rest screen I am not getting any Physio Recommendations at all. Ever. And I am now in October and have not received any recommendations. In FM19, I would get "Double Intensity" (mainly for backup GK) and frequently received "Half Intensity" recommendations for tired players. I've checked virtually every day since July 1st and have received no recommendations at all. I uploaded my most recent save to OwnCloud - "SI Bug - Barcelona Beta Oct 3 2019" Thanks.
  8. Assign reaponsility to yourself for setting the general training schedule for those teams and you should then have access to the coaches assignment screen for those teams. That worked for me.
  9. I did it a few times, but then noticed by agreeing to this the schedule removed the "Recovery" session. So now I just answer, "I haven't decided yet" or some such.
  10. Subject to all the exceptions and issues with equating CA directly to player performance that other posters have mentioned, here is my general rule of thumb for my FC Barcelona save: 130 CA - First Division Player 150 CA - Barcelona Squad Player 160+ CA Barcelona Starter potential 170+ CA World Class
  11. I'm enjoying the variety of developmental paths this year; a lot of variance. I'm managing Barcelona (so training is excellent) and some young players develop well as rotation players; some stall out. Some players develop well on Barca B (while training with senior team); some don't. Some players do well with loans; others don't develop at all. Also, I've seen players who have "phases" of improvement where they improve a lot, stall and then improve again. Some players seem to stall out for "no reason." While this variance makes it harder to project and plan as a manager, they certainly make the game more fun and also (I think) more realistic.
  12. if you win enough and establish yourself enough at your club, the board will then let you choose an affiliate club. Didn't take me too long to get to this level - less than 2 seasons, but YMMV.
  13. Through 2 seasons I'm really noticing how non-linear player progression is in FM19. I'm playing with Barca and Nelson Semedo gained only 1 CA in year one (his 25 age season), but then gained 5 CA in year two. Really can't assume players in mid-20s are done gaining CA even if the go months staying flat. On the all red arrows question - I think that can also happen if the player is very tired. I have given a few of those players complete rest for 3-5 days and it has stopped the red arrows some of the time (but not all).
  14. I like the new training system a lot. And as part of the training overhaul, there is no doubt that individual training is no longer as important or used as extensively. You need to use the squad training sessions to target attributes you want a player(s) to improve in. But, its great that now you know exactly what every training exercise does, so its easy to make sure your player gets work on areas that need work. Have to say do like that you can/should do individualized general rehab training when returning from an injury. Like that I have to remember to do that and gives thing a more realistic feel to it.
  15. Real Betis B is in Segunda B (Spain 3rd Division). Sounds like you probably didn’t include the Segunda B in your database. You can add for next season or start over and download it. This happened to me in FM18 with Barca B. They got relegated first season and I didn’t realize I didn’t have Segunda B until 2d season started, so I had to wait until 3rd to get Segunda B.
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