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  1. Thanks for the response, as i said i wasnt sure so i thought i'd ask.
  2. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but i have started 3 saves and have the same issue on all of them. When i choose to ignore selection advice for a position, so i uncheck it, instead of leaving the original player there, it clears that position. Example; Assistant Manager recommends that i change my AMC, DCR and DR, i want to keep the AMC, so i uncheck the box, instead of leaving the AMC in position, it clears that spot when i hit use suggested squad. If this was intentional, that doesnt make sense to me. The only time this would make sense, is if the selection was to move the AMC to AMR, and that was selected, as you cant have the one personal playing in 2 different positions.
  3. Asked to expand Old Trafford, board approved, by saying they want to make us the most reputable team in the US. (Yes i have real badges, don't think that this is what is causing the issue) This is the second board request on this day, but that shouldn't make a different (I have an affiliate being looked for).
  4. I have faced 4 penalties and my GK saved all 4, in the VNN.
  5. I encountered the same issue. Also, I am being judged on "entertaining football" without it ever being mentioned before this point? (not sure if that is a bug or not, but it was not mentioned for club vision)
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