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  1. Except they are all average and your scouts overrate them. I always wait patiently for the star players, and (if I am managing top team) I will pay whatever it takes, even in excess of 100 million for an 18 year old. Signing cheap promising youngsters (to loan and then sell) in a great strategy for success, but when that once in a generation player comes around you need to break the bank to get him.
  2. I'm hoping there will be at least one more patch to fix some of the known issues with transfer bugs. Transfers have been buggy since release, but the latest version has made it worse. I have to agree with the op; I don't think the game is in an acceptable state with the game-breaking transfer bugs.
  3. Think I have seen this twice now on the latest version. Seems it is happening a lot and is game breaking. Needs a fix.
  4. I think it detracts a bit from the immersion when you know the exact algorithm regarding a combination of attributes. It is also in constant flux, since Marc has been tweaking things constantly. I think the game does a pretty good job of encouraging you to learn through experience. Sure, it all boils done to a formula with a balance of attributes, but is that really how you want to approach the game? It is far easier to make decisions based on performance and let your coaches and scouts give some approximation of traits. I'm not sure that knowing the exact arithmetic behind ever
  5. Against ten men you look to the obvious advantage ie the extra man. Some fm managers will instantly go more attacking which is understandable, and might work considering you are now likely playing against a defensive set up. It also might go badly wrong since you are leaving more gaps in defense for counter attacks. One option is to try to stretch the play by moving your defensive line back, playing as wide as possible, and playing a fast possession game to tire out the ten men. You should be able to create chances by holding possession and finding more spaces as the opposition bec
  6. I know you get that that message in the full version. I don't remember getting that message with the mobile version.
  7. I think you are correct. IFs with overlapping FBs has become ubiquitous, to the point that you can succeed at all levels in the game using them. It is not very realistic. At lower levels, FBs are overpowered, and Target men and wingers don't work well enough.
  8. I'm not unhappy at all. I am always happy to hear people's points of view. In this case, I don't think anyway has shown my argument to have no substance. It is self evident that my argument is true, both in game and reality. but I think you may have missed the point.
  9. Guys, calm down. I think there is agreement CBs are getting too tired. Marc is constantly working on tweaking the balance so, rather than getting outraged and indignant, it might be more helpful to post examples to help with the balancing.
  10. I agree to the extent that CBs are getting too tired. The tactic argument isn't nonsense though. The Liverpool players are exceptional both with condition and mentally. You can't support an argument by comparing a team who are the best in the world at aggressive high energy pressing with any team (even other elite teams) and say - they do it why can't my team? You still have to play to your strengths and weaknesses and if you are 99% of other teams you can't press for 90 minutes.
  11. What tactics are you using? Are you trying to play a pressing game for 90 minutes?
  12. Also, I know it is very cliche with long ball but it does seem to work. As Marc says, the technical side is lacking at the lower level. Your team is not likely to be great at build up play and the opposition will be generally poor at defending, so direct long play is the way to go.
  13. I think I can answer your question. If you haven't already worked it out, click on the 'action' icon when viewing your player, and then click 'promote'. I hope this helps.
  14. Thanks Marc. That clears up my concern about starting with too many leagues and running into memory issues later. I ran into this problem with the PC version around fm 10-12 with the game becoming very sluggish with increasing ram usage after about 10 years despite starting within recommended limits, so I'm assuming that memory optimization has been improved which is great. Edit: Also I'm not too sure about the portrait situation. The fact remains they have to be swapped in and out of memory, and with close to max ram usage, they will cause a lot of loading and unloading when br
  15. I know it isn't much, but I'm guessing it might increase over 30 years which could be a problem with some devices. How many leagues is it feasible to play for 30 years with about 500mb free ram? Not including player portraits.
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