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  1. I don’t know what went wrong, but the same thing happens in the next match. The goalkeeper is in striker and was subbed off for nobody.
  2. I have a save just 2 weeks before the match. But I checked (went on holidays) and the coach still uses the goalkeeper in the attack. How do I load save, if the maximum size to load 9,77 MB?
  3. What's happening? Before the game with Ska-Khabarovsk, something strange happened. When the starting lineups are shown before the start of the match, I noticed that substitute goalkeeper Georgy Kyrnats is playing as a striker. But already in the game itself, on the “Formation” screen, the opposing team simply lacks one player (there were 10 of them in the game engine). This did not affect the team and she calmly beat me in a minority. After the match, I went to the team screen and the substitute goalkeeper for some reason really plays in the attack.
  4. The capital of Uzbekistan is called TAshkent. Typo in title
  5. Yuri Evdokimov is not central back (157 cm. Lol). He is midfielder (I don't know specific position) and without club.
  6. While playing my save (patch 19.2.0) and scouting players, I noticed a strange thing. Martin Valjent has weight of 115 kg (254 lbs). I suppose that is mistake. I doubt this guy has that weight. P.S. On patch 19.3.0 Same information.
  7. I can't continue my save because I receive a “kick from the tax service” in the form of an application error. How to fix it?
  8. Guys, is it possible to change background and font colors of European Champions Cup and Euro Cup? If so, how? I want to change the colors of these tournaments to Champions League and Europa League colors.
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