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  1. Could anyone from SI give an idea of the approximate file size? I'd rather download it but will buy the boxed version if I'd need to get a new memory card!
  2. Yeah looks really good. Looking forward to it.
  3. I think the slider relates to the intensity of the tackle rather than the difficulty. From the manual: The Tackling slider determines the level of commitment and aggression your players will attempt to show when tackling for the ball. The slider is different from the others as it only has three options; Easy, Normal, and Hard. Hard tackling is most likely to exert authority on the opponent but is also most likely to inflict injury and disciplinary action against your players. Easy tackling negates this risk somewhat but also gives the opposition an easier time on the ball. Normal is a balance of the settings and is the best choice by default, but you should check your opposition's disciplinary record and their record from set piece situations ahead of each game, as well as the type of player they have, before settling on your tackling approach for the match.
  4. Agree with this in it's entirety. More analysis screens would be great.
  5. error on store

    This was raised on 18th July and still not solved?! I appreciate it's a Steam issue but surely SI can apply some pressure?
  6. After reading the reflections and thoughts on FM13 thread one point came through clearly - the opinion that the game with its myriad options and features could be daunting for beginners. While I think FMC may have gone some way to making the game more accessible I don't think it's the whole solution to the problem. The production of new guides was also mentioned in the thread but the problem with guides is that they contain the information the writer *thinks* the reader wants to know and so are deliberately general. This got me thinking about a forum for another game I play where they have a dedicated section for new players and whether perhaps something similar could work for FM. This could contain perhaps a selection of the most useful (subjective I know!) threads and guides from all of the other SI forums (tactics, GPTG etc) in one place. While knowing where to look for information in these forums is logical for an experienced player it may not be so obvious for a newer player. However, what I would see as the core part of the new sub-forum would be for experienced players to provide assistance and perhaps even mentoring to newer players. These forums can be somewhat hostile (one of the reasons for my meagre 0.09 posts per day ) and could potentially put off newer players from asking for help or even knowing exactly where to ask. Being a beginners forum, people could post freely without being judged, ridiculed or have to humble themselves apologising for being new! As far as mentoring perhaps new users could create a thread for their save and occasionally upload their save for experienced players to offer advice, views or perhaps just point out key things the new player is missing. This approach would enable the experienced players to get a feel for the new players save and be able to offer specific, tailored advice. I've probably waffled on long enough and apologies if this seems a bit like overkill or too touchy feely but it worked so well for the other game that I thought I'd see what people thought.
  7. We're on an Internet forum for a football management computer game. I fear that boat has sailed for all of us!!
  8. Almost certainly wouldn't be playing FM13 if it wasn't for FMC. Easily the best addition to the FM series by a country mile.
  9. Loving FM Classic - completely re-invigorated my love for the series. I do have a quick question though. I've noticed my players constantly getting the "wrong" side of players. I was going to raise a bug in the ME thread but it twigged this may be due to OI's being applied by the Assistant "under the hood" showing players on to weaker foot. Are OI's in the game but controlled by the Assistant? If so it would be good to have the opportunity to either: a) set them ourselves, or b) have an option to disable OI's or your assistants "right" to set them. Just a bit frustrating that your careful tactical plans go out of the window due to my numpty Assistant and there's nothing I can do about it. Of course if it isn't OI's then it could be an ME bug and I'll raise accordingly.
  10. His status has changed but it sounds like his wage budget is still assuming he's amateur. That would be a bug.
  11. Sandy Martens

    Seem to remember his ID in the database is 1 so sounds like someone was added or removed and their ID wasn't set properly.
  12. I'm finding the exact opposite. My team do well away but my home form is consistently terrible! We do well on the counter but struggle to break down weaker teams.
  13. Voted sometimes good sometimes bad but it's okay. There are times when on a bad run when I'd like to give a rocket up the a**e or an arm round the shoulder. However, it's a compromise I'm willing to make for the overall experience of FMC. Things like morale (team talks, press, team meetings, individual interactions etc) were some of the most complained about and time consuming features in full FM. Particularly since the (in my opinion) unnecessary addition of the tone system. I really wouldn't like to see these features in their current form added to FMC. If a morale feature is to be implemented then it would need to be in a different form. Perhaps a slider or drop down in the training area dictating player treatment from say harsh to compassionate.
  14. In non-league your board will only allow you to bring players in on a contract if they are first team players. They will only allow you to sign back up or rotation players on a non-contract basis. Makes sense as money's tight at that level so the board don't want players on £300 a week in the reserves.