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  1. There is no download available for me in Steam. Have checked and Steam says that there is no downloadable content. I am running version 15.2.1, and have allways keep this game up to date set within Steam. Edit: Cancel, download has now started.
  2. Started the game unemployed, and loaded up all leagues from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Republic of Ireland. So far I have had 5 offers: Bristol Rovers (League 2), Luton (Blue Square Premier), Northampton Town (League 2), Cambridge United (Blue Square Premier), and Brechin City (Scottish Division 2). Although jobs have been available for Teams in the lowest divisions, which is where I want to start, I haven't been offered a job for any of those teams. Is this a bug or are there sub levels for past experience?
  3. I dont know, he looks fairly Waiterish to me. Perhaps not Spanish, but certainly Waiter like.
  4. Only 4 days between when sacked in the game, and sacked in real life. Amazing!
  5. dafuge's FM13 challenge

    Oh yes, I can see the players attributes allright, and I have designed a tactic based on the players I have available. But without an Assistant, other coaches, a Physio, and Scouts I am limited on the information I am getting. For instance, my coach cant tell me where I need to improve the team to be competitve in the BSS, so I dont rightly know where I should be improving the team. Hopefully I'll have my staff in place in the near future.
  6. dafuge's FM13 challenge

    I'm up for the challenge again, although progress is likely to be slow as I like to micro manage. Manager ProfileI have a squad of players, but like Dafuge, I have no idea what they are like, as I only have 1 coach as my backroom staff. A number of the squad players are on contracts, which has already eaten up a fair chunk of my wage budget. Will attempt to get some staff in place so that I can assess the current squad, and find additions where needed. Might be a short game! P.S. We are nicknamed the Terras - Not because we like to frighten the opposition, but because of our Terracotta kit!
  7. Just a heads up for people who may not have done this as yet: If you have your promotional code from a retailer, then you can load it up in Steam, ready for the release of the Beta. In Steam, go to "Games", and then "Activate a Product on Steam". Copy and paste your promo code in, which will register it on your Steam account. As far as I am aware, the Beta will then upload to your account once it is released. Posting this as I only discovered it by chance.
  8. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Bideford or Weymouth for me. I love the sea air
  9. I would suggest you take a look at the Dafuge challenge, which can be found in the Challenges thread. He has said that he will most likely post the specifics once the beta is released, which will give you the settings to adhere to, and most likely advise at which date to save your game to enable you to reload until you get the team choice you require. I think I will be taking it up again, with Weymouth or Bideford..............................Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!
  10. I pre ordered via Amazon after the 1st October cut off, and still got my key code for beta release, so would assume its still valid.
  11. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Regarding player contracts, I have found, and logged it as a bug, that I cannot offer non-contract terms to any player, be it an existing squad member, or a new recruit. This has left me with a real problem, as every player wants a salary, which eats into my ever decreasing budget. Managing Hastings United, I have spent 5 seasons in the BSS. It's getting a little frustrating! I'll keep on going, as it doesnt appear the issue has been resolved in the latest patch, but as soon as it does I will be starting a new save.
  12. I believe there may be a bug relating to Non contracts, which I have allready reported in the correct forum. Hopefully it will be sorted out for the next patch.
  13. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    #9 Darren Parker - Hastings United Season 15/16 Season Summary: An improvement on last season again, but still no promotion. With ever diminishing wage funds, I was not hopeful of any improvement, but the youngster's brought into the side stepped up to the plate, and started like a house on fire. At the early stages of the season, we were at one point top of the table, and I started dreaming of BSP football. However, as soon as I had a string of injuries to my main striker's, the impetous was lost, and we began to slide down the table. Order was restored eventually, but it was too late to mount a serious challenge for a playoff spot, and ended up 5 points shy. Still, 7th spot in the BSS is our highest finish, and we will be striving to improve again next term. Cups were carp as usual - you never know one day I might reach the first round proper of the FA Cup. League Table Transfers Finances Player of The Year Season Division Finish FA Cup Lgue Cup Other Cup Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2012/13 BSS 13th 3rdQ R N/A FAT 1st R Manager of The Year 2013/14 BSS 18th 3rdQ R N/A FAT 3rdQ R None 2014/15 BSS 10th 2ndQ R N/A FAT 3rd R None 2015/16 BSS 7th 3rdQ R N/A FAT 1st R None
  14. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    #9 Darren Parker - Hastings United Season 14/15 Season Summary: A better season than the previous one, finishing mid table in 10th. We were never in any danger of relegation, and up until the last couple of months we had a shout at a play off spot. Went out at the first hurdle in the FA Cup to lowly Aveley, but managed to get to the 3rd round in the Trophy. Wage budget for next season has now been reduced again to £1900 p/w as we are in major financial difficulties. As such I will be letting the player of the year leave to free up some much needed wage allowance, and hope to get by with some lower wage replacements. League Table Transfers Finances
  15. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Just had my first job link. Obviously, I will be distancing myself. GreyedOutMan, please see post #2257 for my 2nd season report.