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  1. Just to agree with this, even with my Newcastle side - I really struggle against the top teams, which also produced some annoy results when we were big favourites. This tweak as mentioned has improved the defensive stability 10 fold.
  2. I was thinking about this last night and how the assistant manager features have improved in each version. We have team talk feedback, squad reports, team selections, reports on indiviuals and help with OI's and team talks. Now with this new tactics creator, I'd like to see some sort of assistant manager function to suggest things like an ideal formation and tactics (including player intructions to maximise any weakness in the opposition) for the next game, this might help me a little more in digesting the scouting reports and seeing out the assitant manager might respond to these reports and how he/she would find the best way of defeating the next opposition. I think this will help me build a set of game plans which I can use depending on the opposition.
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