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  1. If I offer a player and get a number of bids in return, when I accept all the bids, the messages that appear are just for those clubs the player has rejected and doesn't actually tell me which one he has agreed terms on. I have to go to his contract page to see it confirmed.
  2. Just tried signing a player. All terms were agreed but then got a message saying I do not have enough space in the squad for the transfer to go through. I only have 21 players in first team.
  3. Apologies for the question but how exactly do I send the save file?
  4. Sure. If it's of any use, the board confidence still says "the board are delighted to have you at the club and look forward to a long and successful reign" , suggesting I've only just started even though I'm doing crap after being in charge for 32 games. So I'm happy to send you that save file if you like.
  5. No, it was the same season, about 20 games in. Unfortunately I don't have a save file from before the reset as I typically overwrite the existing one each time.
  6. My board were disappointed with my performance and all the other confidence levels were up or down. Then something happened when i next started the game and all the bars are now on 50% and the board are delighted with me, almost like I am a new manager again.
  7. Thanks guys, I didn't spot that menu. And as mentioned, would be good to show the transfer fee and wage agreed instead of just "pending".
  8. There doesn't seem to be a way to check the future transfers you've completed for the next transfer window. I've signed a bunch of players that are coming in January transfer window but have no idea who they are now. Please can you add this in!
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