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  1. I got shocked.. when match done, i look at fixtures and see previous match.. the score is true, but whos that player that score for my team.. its like bug.. And i saved match, when i view match, its different score, please fix it
  2. Since fmm2020 , u never fix redmi note 8 pro sound.. i turned on sound on fmm2020, but no tap sound when i play, same as 2021fmm.. And i got bug.. i play 1club, 1 national team.. i got news that national team want me to choose captain and vice captain, when i click select captaincy, it goes to club captain, not national team select captain page.. and i manually go to national team select captain page..after that, i click next, i got news that my club former captain is dissapointed for me to remove him .. btw i setting for national team captain, but why club captain pop up on news in
  3. If career on fmm is 30 years max.. How much years for " create own club " mode?
  4. Yeah bmp up... Im so sleepy play without tap sound
  5. I ever made a topic for this bug.. but till now after update still not fix yet.. My phone " REDMI NOTE 8 PRO " Sound " on " on the setting already but no tap sound, like silence
  6. I cannot change my players train position..its bug? Example..christian pullisic.. i want him tk retrain position on IF.. BUT he still on MR... I uploaded my game save file " kelvinysx1 "
  7. When the big fix update come out? Im waiting till big fix update come.out
  8. 2 years already but my staff influence training page still empty.. my 3 gold natural coach ( def, att, goalkeeping ) Still empty.. its bug like previous fm mobile edition..
  9. One more... Some club bid for player non stop.. Example : west ham make offer for jadon sancho 69m...but dortmund refused it.. after while,. West ham make offer again for 69m and rejected .. again again and again
  10. 1. Yes sometimes.. and sometimes line up gone messy.. like AMC went to AMR 2. watching replay timeline... Cannot stop it , need to watch till end of replay.. 3. And 1 more.... I downloaded facepack and logo pack... But on news page, sometimes managers / players news face not show up.. but after click for detail news.. it show up
  11. Can we add own face on manager ? My manager face is empty.. I want to add my photo
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