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  1. "Exchange Player" is same as "player interaction", they are broken. Even if the club wants to buy my player at $20m, they will ALWAYS reject a trade deal. e.g. offer to exchange his $10m player with my $20m player with $5m pay on top, they will ignore completely the $20m player THEY WANT to buy, and says his $10m player is undervalued. Also, can you explain which players are eligible for exchange?
  2. thanks, yup I have Hazard Peaked then after 24 months of orange bar, suddenly the bar unlocks, and he is gaining exp at age of 30 again...
  3. Depends on formation: 1DM + 2CM, you need one CM plays as AM to make forward runs (Barkley/Kovicic/Loftus-Cheek). 2DM then skip CM and use 1AM. Also Kante is better box-to-box or ball-winning, while Jorginho is tricky: try put him in middle as Deep-lying like Sarri does, and put Kante on the right, then you cannot use Short passing tactics to get the best out of Jorginho... Kante is lack of Aerial and Strength, so putting him as DM will lose many headers -- hard to get a 9 Rating...
  4. Some youngsters become "peaked" when very young, and training bar turns to orange colour. Any FAQ to teach us how to read that training orange bar? Some are green/orange mix bar, some are full orange bar...
  5. After 30 league matches mid-season, some of my Key Players/First Team are unhappy with their amount of game time, despite played 35+ matches (include those cup matches). It seems players are using this "excuse" to ask for a pay rise, shouldn't it be a "bug"?
  6. no sorry, its simply 2019 at Chelsea. His Long Shot is now 20, so I already changed his training scheme...
  7. Player returns from loan with HIDDEN attribute "LONG SHOTS". Can SEGA unhide all of these attributes please?
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