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  1. Read the OP, no requests. You can easily copy across a human profile.xml from another skin to within if you wish (then search for "file" within this xml and this will point you to subsidiary panels also required). That's easy enough you're looking at 5/6 panels max. if that. The light skin request is cheeky when the creator has already done, what 3 versions of TCS? There's plenty of white skins already out there you can look to, to re-apply the principles to your copy of TCS if you wish and a forum full of resources to aid anyone with pretty much anything.
  2. That pages tends to have an arrange_vertical_attachment layout, very first line of the parent panel. Play with the first value in Manager home.xml.
  3. This is what the default skin should look more like. Plus you always have to love a 'night-mode' version
  4. I would reverse engineer within the classes folder... The starting point is the sections menu strip (gotten from client object ) and the menu it draws from within seems to be the section popup button (top line). Look within this xml, again in classes, for a line like: <flags id="icon_enabled" value="true"/> This may possibly cover a few menus though so copying and renaming the xmls and their paths within the classes files and the client object respectively might be preferable i.e. sections_menu_strip2 in client object & section_popup_button2 within the sections_menu_strip(2). I've applied this principle to other class xmls so I'd be somewhat surprised if you couldn't here.
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