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  1. Please fix the error during the contract negotiation. can not offer a player more than 800k, but he demands 825k weekly wage. And please fix the bug where the player offers to other clubs. If I offer a player for really cheap no club offers. I can not buy players, I have too much in the squad. I have not played the game for almost 2 weeks due to these problems. and there are still several problems that spoil the fun. After all, I have spent a lot of money and buy the game since 2011. please give us an update und fix the bugs!! Thanks!!
  2. Great Game! But change the Development System of Players please.
  3. I uploaded the file. Filename: Nakres88.dat please give me a Feedback
  4. Here are two examples on the photos. For 3 seasons, the players are focused on it and nothing happens. on fm 2018 mobile the skills of players developed automatically. please change it. Developing a player is one of the things that makes the game fun. i play the game since 2011. thanks!
  5. I do focus players in those areas or in other areas. It doesn‘t work. Please fix it
  6. Please fix the Development of Player skills. As in 2018 mobile. It Takes too Long for Young players. Teamwork and technic are developing hardly. It doesn’t make fun that way.
  7. It would be nice, if you guys fix this problem immediately.
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