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  1. Everton Soares, in game, is world-class. Talles Magno, in game, will likely become world-class. Take your pick.
  2. Hey guys, So i've just started a save with Exeter in League Two. I've noticed we're a little weak at LB and RB, although all over the pitch could do with a boost or a special player. Any recommended purchases in season 1? Thanks guys.
  3. Using KnapKash... I managed to win the league first time round with Lazio, losing on a few games and unbeatened with Lyon. In the Polish league, i've won one and drawn four, though ahaha. Any advice on what tactic to use that favours an attacking style, whilst making the most of bang average players.
  4. I don't know if you play with a DM, if you do and he's not already moved Lucas Leiva is fantastic. On my Lazio save Madrid, Barcelona, and Chelsea are constantly after him. He's such a rock and brings balance to the team. Not to mention his tackles are fantastic.
  5. Minamino and Shoya Nakajima end up transfer listed for around 10m super quick.
  6. Defender's are getting a very solid quantity of goals through 20.4 tactics. I wonder how long until we see the 20 goal a season centreback return.?
  7. I've tried quite a few of these new tactics with Bayern and i'm getting smacked up! In danger of losing my job. Oh dear.
  8. Sympathy is interesting, on my Ajax save i am unbeaten thus far after 13 or 14 games. Super underwealming, though. Lots of 1-0's with late goals. It's weird. I'm winning constantly, but in super lucky fashion. It feels like the wheels will fall off. Let's see how it goes for the remainder or the season. Using Klaas-Jan and Tadic up top can't be helping the situation.
  9. All tactics in this thread seem to work relatively well. The only trouble i have is consistency using any formation with a AML, AMC, AMR .They always seem to die off after 5-8 games, four game losing streak then back on the winning run.
  10. Usually, i don't come into this thread asking for advice, but i'm trying to make a style of play that keeps me hooked more. I'm looking for players for my AZ team. My goal is too keep the wage down, whilst becoming a competitive Europa league team. My first window saw me sign Birger Meling for $1m, although his wages are 11k and the highest in my team. 8.9% of my teams wages. I want to keep them as tight as possible in the build up to having a bigger bank account. I'm looking for any of the aforementioned players that can be brought with contracts of less than 3-4k. Th
  11. Having just started an FC Pauli save, i think i've found a new hero; Christopher Buchtmann. An absolute monster in the middle, he does everything, he's the glue that holds my team together. Marvin Knoll with some cracking freekicks. Cenk Sahin going up and down the right like prime Troare. The only problem is my transfers - aside from loans - my signings have been bleak. Gonzalo Villar for 450k -big money for FC Pauli- has flopped. Efkan Bekiroglu, i guess there was a reason mans was in the third league. God bless Lukas Mai and Rhian Brewster for making me lo
  12. I'm expecting Friday, but every time a notification pops up, the excitement flies up. We've been treated to a little earlier before and it's given me these hopes, these expectations, these dreams...and they are continually and repeatedly dashed
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