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  1. Hello, Just a question : Is it possible to copy "registered team" in a league and paste it in "teams" or "teams for the next season" via "Edit"? It would be much more easier, but it seems that I cannot.
  2. Up. Solved the problem. It seems that the only thing that FM refused is that I added one ukrainian club in ELeague, and it was Veres Rivne (according to the last ranking I saw on the net), but maybe it was a mistake, because Veres Rivne is not anymore in the first ukrainian league. So i replaced this club with chornomorets, launched a test game, and the structure of both competition are exactly as I settled.
  3. I would to make more accurate my message : in fact the game made some changes, but not the ones I did. It means that maybe I have to go the advanced rules to change the qualification places just for the coming year. But in the advanced rules I cannot find them. I made some research on the net and I cannot find the answer. If anyone knows...
  4. Hello, I made some changes in the CL teams in the Editor, i was very precaution to don't make any mistake. But when loading the game, the CL changes does not apply, there"s the Champions League as if I wouldn't have made any change - whereas all the other database changes work. Why? Does anyone have the answer? Thanks.
  5. For the exit of UE I found out something in Advanced rules...
  6. Hello fellows, I have a question : how can I remove Italia from UE? In the "nations" fold, I just added that the contract with UE is ending by 2019, but is it sufficient? Another question : how can we ban a club from CL or EL for the 2019/2020 season due to financial or judiciary problems?
  7. Hello, I have two questions: 1) How can I forbid Champions League for an Italian club for the season 19/20 due to financial problems (yes, I am a bit crazy)? 2) I would like to make an "Italixit", so I just wrote in the information than the accord with EU ends by 2019. Is it enough? What will happen?
  8. Ah, indeed, this is quite weird. Maybe if we change the Club coefficients it will change the nations as well.
  9. Hello everyone, In the last versions of FM, in order to change UEFA coefficients for nations, It was in "nations - informations". But the Uefa coefficients has disappeared in the FM 2019 Editor in "informations"... anyone to know where it is now and how to change? I also checked in the leagues, nothing. Best regards, P. Bacanu
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