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  1. One pic is from analytical stats, another from player stats. The number of assists and key passes do not match.
  2. I don't know if this has been raised before but >10 clearances per game for CBs across the whole league is insane. I don't know if there is a difference in definition but I think it is at most around 6-7 clearances per game on some major statistics sites. In match I am seeing players "clearing the ball" or "removing the danger" when there is no pressure or danger and even when there should be a counter-attack attempt or build-up. I am suspecting this is related to issues mentioned in threads like the one below. .
  3. The info is in that reddit link. Phil Jones is used as a PF(A) in PSG and is retrained to have an accomplished rating at the position. Even in Ligue 1 I can't imagine a striker with 5 Off the ball 6 finishing is able to score 12 goals in 14 league games. And now you mention that in real life wingers are moved to fullbacks. If you think of it, when Ashley Young got moved to the FB position in real life, his attributes actually got reworked in the new FM editions. The old Ashley Young in FM did not look like he can play at FB at all in FM terms. This kind of redistribution of attributes jus
  4. Yes Phil Jones definitely has the attributes needed to be a top striker.
  5. In this regard I agree with SI that set-pieces should not be the prime focus at the moment but my reason is that the open play has so many things that need to be fixed first. I am satisfied with it as long as players follow the set-piece instructions and set-piece goals remain at a realistic ratio. Of course I will be happier if multiple set-ups can be implemented simultaneously, and if set-piece duties can be automatically assigned according to attributes so that you don't need to worry about messing up the set-piece set-up by replacing a tall player with a short one on the formation board. I
  6. The headline features are... disappointing. Clearly there is a large gap between SI and a large portion of fans in what features are desirable. Players play the game for the on-the-pitch tactics and squad building. You can easily see that in the forums. Players like to discuss how to emulate a tactical style and which players are cheap-to-buy wonderkids. I bet this is the core of the game to most of the players, but these are also areas in which FM has been stagnating. In terms of tactics, we all know the match engine is just an approximation and we should not expect too high. But it is j
  7. I guess the problem is not that the graphics are not good. The problem is that it takes a step backward compared to previous editions.
  8. Just revert to fm18 from fm20 and found that the match engine of fm18 is much more better in a few matches: - strikers participate in build-up play - players make passes during counter attack instead of running with the ball forever - wide players do actually cross
  9. Prior to this patch I can still make my world-class AMF scoring and assisting like hell by placing him on AMCL or AMCR where he behaves like a DLF. After this patch, the AMF seems not to get into attacking positions even if I set him as an AM(A) or SS. He always crashes into the central midfielders. Odd enough, I try the mezzala role and he is making forward runs regularly and looks more offensive than the AMF! Seriously the match engine in this patch looks kinda weird.
  10. But it is usually controversial whether a player participates in the attack, not whether a player is in a offside position.
  11. I am sick of seeing again and again players moan about goals being "controversially" ruled out by VAR. Seriously how could it be controversial if an offside is caught clearly on VAR? Even the slightest offiside is still an offiside offense.
  12. This actually bugs me. It makes sense if a young player tries to emulate Dembele and gets the trait. But Dele Alli is a first teamer who plays along with Dembele with different roles. It just does not make sense to me that Dele Alli thinks he should play the same way as Dembele who often sits deep behind him, just because they are good friends. In a more extreme way, for example, I can't imagine that all midfielders of my team try to dictate play just because they are good friends lol
  13. If you are in a big team you should really give a go to a more attacking mentality. Otherwise the opposition camps in the box when you are in possession and your midfielders don't go forward enough to do the overload properly. The two attacking central midfielders should be kind of runners so they revolve around the pivot and attack the box. I mainly used CM(A) and mezzala and when I play with a DLP in 4141 I use mezzala to give more room for the DLP to control the play. I have also used RPM in the national team with some success. Usually the two attacking midfielders exchange passes wit
  14. I put a lot of attack duties to encourage them to go further forward. IMO these role and duties are not restricted to my setting and are should be adapted to individual player qualities, especially the central players. For the two wide midfielders, the role of winger is preferred IMO no matter they prefer cutting inside or running down the flank due to the role's tendency to hug the line and play with width. For the lone striker, I originally used a DLF(S) and then changed to a P(A) towards the end of the season. The movement is a bit different and I am still figuring what I like most.
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