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  1. Prior to this patch I can still make my world-class AMF scoring and assisting like hell by placing him on AMCL or AMCR where he behaves like a DLF. After this patch, the AMF seems not to get into attacking positions even if I set him as an AM(A) or SS. He always crashes into the central midfielders. Odd enough, I try the mezzala role and he is making forward runs regularly and looks more offensive than the AMF! Seriously the match engine in this patch looks kinda weird.
  2. But it is usually controversial whether a player participates in the attack, not whether a player is in a offside position.
  3. I am sick of seeing again and again players moan about goals being "controversially" ruled out by VAR. Seriously how could it be controversial if an offside is caught clearly on VAR? Even the slightest offiside is still an offiside offense.
  4. This actually bugs me. It makes sense if a young player tries to emulate Dembele and gets the trait. But Dele Alli is a first teamer who plays along with Dembele with different roles. It just does not make sense to me that Dele Alli thinks he should play the same way as Dembele who often sits deep behind him, just because they are good friends. In a more extreme way, for example, I can't imagine that all midfielders of my team try to dictate play just because they are good friends lol
  5. If you are in a big team you should really give a go to a more attacking mentality. Otherwise the opposition camps in the box when you are in possession and your midfielders don't go forward enough to do the overload properly. The two attacking central midfielders should be kind of runners so they revolve around the pivot and attack the box. I mainly used CM(A) and mezzala and when I play with a DLP in 4141 I use mezzala to give more room for the DLP to control the play. I have also used RPM in the national team with some success. Usually the two attacking midfielders exchange passes with the DM and when opportunity arises they pass to the unmarked winger and then go into the box with another winger. Sometimes they play through balls to feed the wingers and the forwards too. And yes my team attacks quick due to the attacking mentality and quick tempo. I think this complements with the counterpress to make the best use of the space after regaining possession.
  6. I put a lot of attack duties to encourage them to go further forward. IMO these role and duties are not restricted to my setting and are should be adapted to individual player qualities, especially the central players. For the two wide midfielders, the role of winger is preferred IMO no matter they prefer cutting inside or running down the flank due to the role's tendency to hug the line and play with width. For the lone striker, I originally used a DLF(S) and then changed to a P(A) towards the end of the season. The movement is a bit different and I am still figuring what I like most.
  7. For the first tactic I told the sweeper and the halfback to close down less. Otherwise I am pretty comfortable to go with the presets.
  8. The first formation was developed when I was having difficulties tearing down the opposition's defence with a 442. The approach I adopted to tear down those defensive teams is to take away a central defender and increase the number of players in the front. I think I have seen somebody using this kind of wide back three and I must admit that I was inspired by someone else. This tactic looks leaky in defence at first sight, but it is actually pretty reliable when you are clearly the stronger team (and with a good morale). When in possession the IWBs and the HB and the midfielders will form two layers. The midfielders press and attack while the IWBs and HB are excellent in providing ball recyling and passing options in the central area. When the counter-press is carried out properly, you will be pressing the opposition in their own half. Even when the ball is passed to the front, if your "sweeper", the NCB, is considerably stronger than the opposing striker, you are still safe. Sometimes I do think it is ironic that you want your lone striker to find space in the opposition's defence, and in the meantime you think the opponent's striker should be isolated by your center backs. In this way you will be having two wingers stretching the defence, and having two CM-A and two strikers attacking the box. It is actually like reallocating unused resources from the back to the front. Another version is a 4141 tactic. This is of course more defensively stable and is useful when the opposing team is continuously (or is strong enough to) breaking through the midfield curtain. The key is the same as the previous tactic: a total of seven midfielders spreading wide across the pitch when in possession, providing many passing options, ball recycling and attacking foci. I would say IWB is a very useful role in creating midfield dominance. And importantly, when in use with a DM, they do not venture far from their defensive position, meaning that they can get back quick enough when defending against a counter-attack. In the attacking phase, unlike wingbacks in which you need to allow time for them to overlap, the wingers will be immediately available with the IWB shielding the back. With these two tactics my team Roma scored 110 goals in 38 league matches and won the UEFA champions league as the biggest overachiever. I hope you guys will find some inspiration in these two tactics.
  9. I played with two W(A) and two CM(A) in the midfield and a very simple DLF(S)-AF partnership. When I design this formation it is based on the attacking needs of a big team. So it is very heavy in the front with counter-press and a high engagement line. In possession I play with a wide width and defensively I play with a narrow width. Unfortunately the unconventional back three is not very stable in defence. Once the central defender is dragged out of position there will be a hole behind for a through ball and the IWBs often cannot align with the central defender to play an offside properly. So as I said this is really a big-team only tactic to break through the bus. I think it may be worth trying to provide the width at the WB stratum but I really don't know if it will help with the instability in defence.
  10. A single no-nonsense defender on cover duty coupled with IWB(D) and a half-back. The IWB(D) behaves like side center backs in a standard 3-man defence but in the meantime pushes forward when in possession to support attack and ball recycling, just like what Azpilicueta did in real life in Conte's Chelsea.
  11. Have this occurred once when Mahrez got injured near the end of season.
  12. I am also using 442 in Serie A. After the update in the match engine I need to use an attacking mentality with a high engagement line in order to score. It seems that the Italian teams sit really back and play at a really low tempo such that my team need to push really high to get into the game.
  13. May I ask if you are in the public beta and what mentality you are using?
  14. At 89th min, Lukaku is misjudged to be offside when he clearly is not. I think it is not the first time I have seen odd decisions on offside after the update. "Offside bug Man Utd v Chelsea.pkm" uploaded to SI cloud.
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