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  1. There re real players hanging around, but none of them were in my squad.
  2. Some players have since left, but here I what I would consider to be my best/memorable players (all bought as 16-18 year olds) Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot of success with only 1 Serie A and 1 Coppa Italia to my name. We did finish at least top 4 my last 4 seasons however.
  3. I've been doing a journeyman save recently where I did a 6 year stint with Parma and had a lot of fun with it, so I decided to do a fresh save with another mid-table team with a lot of history. Mostly going to be focusing on trying to build up youth players as I did in that Parma run. 1st season Transfers: Table: Not an amazing season, but not a bad one either, ran into a lack of form towards the end. Knocked out of Coppa Italia in the Quarters against Juventus.
  4. October 2018 Very disappointing, drawing against City is an ok result, but we really should be beating Leicester, and don't even get me started on Rotherham. Might have to put my hopes in a top 4 finish this season.
  5. September 2018 Far better month, would have loved to have beat United though, hopefully this form can keep going, 4 points behind 1st place.
  6. August 2018 Started off good, battering Man City for the Community Shield, but it has been pretty ordinarily in the league. Denis Suarez signed to Arsenal on a loan and managed to knock us around for a hattrick.
  7. Thanks mate! Pre-Season 2018/19 Pre-season has gone exactly the way I wanted it to, nothing has happened in the transfer market, don't think anything will until at least January. Goal this season is to win everything we can.
  8. Because i'm really lazy, and can't think of an original title. Basically what @Stuniverse is doing with Derby county, but with a bigger team. Antonio Cordon will be my DOF, with 18 in both JCA in JPA. Goals will be to top the Hall Of Fame, and to at least overtake Ferguson as the most successful manager in England. Thread will be structured like a @Makoto Nakamura thread with monthly updates, and hopefully rapid progression. 365000 players have been loaded with only England loaded up in terms of leagues.
  9. Hit the Bundesliga in my Journeyman save with a very good Schalke team, first full season. This team is also very young so hopefully I can get them to take over Europe soon. Have also done 2 seasons in a separate save with Leverkusen, finished 3rd both times with a focus on youth, haven't been playing that since starting this save however.
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