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  1. Yes and no. If your coaches have high JPP/JPA you will get more accurate reports but the star rating comes from the players ability compared to the rest of the squad and possibly what division you are playing in.
  2. Some more vrash dumps uploaded. GPU_info v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.21 11.58.43).gpudmp there are three more of the same uploaded to owncloud Timed @ 22/2/20 12:23 12:55 01:50
  3. Probably because you are offering them out, the buying team isn't going to go into a bidding war on a player you are offerin because you want to get rid. I have no problem getting teams who want my players and then you can bid them up. I never offer players out as it's not worth it.
  4. If you submit a quote, As you are typing look at the bottom bar "notify me of replies"
  5. Look you,re not going to send me the same old stuff that didn't work before and that I haven't tried a hundred times already are you. Surely you must have some more pertinent information.
  6. have uploaded this. Harry Monk - Brentford gm.fm is this the right thing
  7. these are the dump flie names if that helps FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.21 00.31.04).dmp FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.21 10.05.39).dmp FM 2020 v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.21 11.58.43).dmp GPU_info v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.20 23.42.24).gpudmp GPU_info v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.21 00.31.04).gpudmp GPU_info v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.21 10.05.39).gpudmp GPU_info v20.3.0.1350875 (2020.02.21 11.58.43).gpudm
  8. I have just tried to explain that it isn't offering me that option. do I have to have an account because I have tried to log in and can't.
  9. So, Started a new save on Wednesday night/thurs morning and saved game. Thurs morning got through most of the pre-season no problem. then noticed winter update was out so shut the game to install update. Start game again and play through to just past end of transfer window and the game crashes, restart game crashes. Deleted preferences/cache and had to tye in --config very_low to get it to run again this morning. also noted that i'm now getting GPU dumps that I didn't have before. Will try to upload to cloud but it seems that I can put the files in but can't name them just says anonymous upload ?? Any clues.
  10. You can actually see them but you have to go to main "staff" window and select "all" but it doesnt make it easy as you then have a list as long as your arm to to search through.
  11. Yes there is. go to the dev centre choose respective team say U23's in the drop down window go to tactics you will see primary trained tactic where you can choose any 3 of your trained tactics and the U23's managers preferred formation.
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