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  1. Not sure I agree totally with that. I'm still experiencing a few of the problems with the ME and the interface not doing what it did when it was first launched, I can still only run the game with graphics turned to lowest settings. It's not great but I still keep plugging on, no point in posting complaints on here as although they are logged as bugs no more updates are expected this season so we are stuck with it now. The sheer lack of communication/information coming from Si is annoying.
  2. this is different from FM19, used to have a list of all formations used and played against, It was much better.
  3. This might be true unless he has a full scouting team, which he does so no need to be recommend a replacement.
  4. If this happens click or right click on player and change contract offer (when the message arrives) you can then negotiate the contract yourself. I have this problem too but this is a good work around.
  5. Lucas Moura for Spurs scored a few this season not bad for somebody at 1.73 metres tall.
  6. That looks like a custom skin, even the spelling in the message is incorrect (Engeland + Europees)
  7. This has happened to me a few times , I think it may be due to the fact that you already commented on somebody in the midfield. Tbf it's not game breaking so I try to ignore it lol
  8. Look in preferences (main FM bar) you can either check or un-check "english language sorting" maybe that's what you're looking for.
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