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  1. I tried the possible solutions u provided but unfortunately none of them solved the issue, btw Thanks for your help!!
  2. as u said i uploaded the 2 files in a zip folder, here you can find it:
  3. hey, I uploaded it again: diosgyor1corrupted.fm diosgyor2uncorrupted.fm
  4. i don't have any anti virus except the built in win 10, bu the fm2019 in the exceptions I checked it, I uploaded the files: corrupted file name starts with Diósgyőr..., the uncorrupted is the "teszt"
  5. it just loading through few moments, but after it an error message comes up: "can't load saved game". I have 5 backup files and a config file in the folder, none of them can't be load except my new game (about 1 hour game).
  6. hey! it appears in the default file location, but i gave it a try and renamed it, the problem is the same, just loading few moments and az "error message" appears: "can't load saved game" and thats all
  7. Hey! The game can't load the saved game. It worked well during 42 gaming hours, but now the saved games can't be loaded. Firewall and anti-virus, graphic driver already checked. Thanks!
  8. Hey! Aren’t there no longer available the players’ weight and height in ‘19? 😱 Thanks!
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