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  1. I do play currently a 4-3-3 formation with AP being the right CM. Th e right winger is an IF and he is always less in stats in comparison the left one playing infront of a B2B Therefore I do wonder if the AP affect his play style and whats your recommendation ? regards
  2. I dont know if its my defense which encourage it . But I noticed that Pickford easily concedes from fouls and long shots but he is good in one on ones !
  3. Since couple of years the game has been always slow on online mode what is the reason and anyone found a solution to speed up the game?
  4. Im sure just like me you have some players that you might re-sign once you move to manage a new team ? Who are they and if you can post a capture
  5. As stated in the title. I feel that once red card is given the match becomes even more harder to score !
  6. Weirdly he is not on my save. Are you sure of the name?
  7. yeah im using regens pack . I get confused sometimes but im pretty sure
  8. Its a post where I will post some of the regens I bought or interested in to be evaluated by your expertise if they are worth it or not and what training or specal traits they should be getting and why. 1st player is a doubt for me if he is a regen or not ?!
  9. You should a 14 mil cap is good for him specially that he has the potential to be sold to bigger clubs easily . He is with madrid as we speek and they bought him for 49.5m
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