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    I am a Semi-Pro Goalkeeper playing fir Curzon Ashton in the national league.
    Played FM since 2013 and still buying every game on the day of release


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    Football Manager

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    Wigan Athletic

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    Whoever will take me

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  1. Hi there, just tried it and its working. thanks again ben
  2. Hi there Hugo, just wanted too check in a see if there was any progreess regarding the crash dumps? just messagig on this incase ive missed an update elsewhere thanks Ben
  3. Guys, can someone please help me. i am wanting too play FM but the game will not start after i updated to the winter update here is the crash dump that i have FM 2019 v19.3.0.1200123 (2019.03.01 18.29.50).dmp
  4. HI guys, updated football manager too the winter updated and have also had the problem of not being able too play the game. here is the attached crash dump and i ave also tried uninstalling and reinstalling FM FM 2019 v19.3.0.1200123 (2019.03.01 18.29.50).dmp
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