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  1. No question at all, I'll be buying it as I have done for many years.

    Of course it's not perfect. It's a game, a simulation, and FM is never going to be able to replicate the madness and variety of football, that's impossible.

    It does a bloody good job though, far better than anything that's ever tried to challenge it. And I really don't get this idea that each edition is just a data update with a few added superficial extras. The added features on FM20 for me really added to the depth and gameplay.

    30 or 40 quid for a game that gives me literally hundreds if not thousands of hours of enjoyment (and yes, frustration when I'm losing!) is a no brainer for me. I appreciate that some find it too hard or too easy or too unrealistic, and that's fine, I would just say give yourself a year's break from it and come back if you get withdrawal symptoms...

  2. On 08/08/2020 at 04:22, Dustman2015 said:

    Just started my save. Tops of the league through 4 games.... that’s an unfair assessment of how we are playing though. Been very fortunate on set pieces and penalties.

    things I’m wrestling with and would love your help;

    -How do you get Alli, Gio, Ndombele all on the pitch and in what roles/positions?? Gio and Tanguy are firing but can’t go Alli going.

    -Do you play Sess as your backup LB or do you have him back up Sonny on the left?

    -What role do you play Kane in? Also when you rotate Parrot in do you play him the same way?

    Lo Celso is a perfect DLP (S) for me, and I play Ndombele as a DLP (D), he's also excellent there. I've never managed to get Alli going at all really, I can't find the right position or role for him at all and usually end up selling him after two or three seasons.

    Sessegnon can develop into a good LB (he's fairly quick, which can improve, and speed seems to be more important than defensive attributes for a full back in FM). Really, he can back up both at LB and on the wing.

    Kane is another player I find it difficult to find the right role for - irl he's a complete forward but that doesn't seem to work too well in the game. I tend to use him as a DLF (A), lone striker. It's not ideal but he's so good he still scores a few goals. Parrott's attributes seem quite random at the start of the game so I wait to see what sort of striker he develops into.

    Anyone had any luck with the roles for Kane and Dele?

    Can't wait to get Bale and Reguilon going for us, time to head off to the Editors' forum for an update I think....

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