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  1. Does it make sense to have an AMC with an inside forward next to it in a 4231. I herd from several places that the two would just get in each other's way therefore a winger would be beneficial because it would occupy the flanks rather than crowd the center. I play an inside forward on attack with an AMC on attack and I has been working so far. I have a dlpbon support and center mid on defend behind them to cover. What are you guys thoughts on these two roles next to each other.
  2. @Experienced Defender Thankyou for your input. Why is having a winger on attack better than an IF on attack? Also in General is it better to have an inside forward with a winger instead of running with two inside forwards, and why?
  3. I put run at defense because my squad is currently the best dribbling team in Bundes..and I have a LoE so I have space for my IF to move into.
  4. @Parri I thought putting a fullback on support will get in the same space as the winger?
  5. Hello, I have been using this tactic with Dortmund. I have been successful against teams that attack at me, yet defensive teams I usually draw and or they get one lucky goal in. What do you guys think of my tactic? Also do you guys have any tips on breaking down 4141 teams. Also I did notice whenever I played a high line teams using a 4141 got 5 more chances at goal than other teams. Therefore, I dropped the defensive line to standard and that helped a little. Furthermore, without an AMC do you guys usually have the lone striker on support rather than on attack to link play with the midfield and not get isolated. Thank you
  6. My way of breaking down park the bus teams is to increase attacking outlets/ways to attack. Which includes: Tall Pacey striker with good off ball and heading on Complete forward, Target man, Deep lying forward to pull opposition defenders A winger on one side to support plays a cross while an inside forward on the other side an attacking midfielder that movies into channels that has high acceleration that can move into the space the striker created Set piece training Pre match/half time talks Shouts such as: demand more( when we have high shots but non on target) , get creative (when we have high possession) Higher tempo Having center midfielders with good long shot ability with good decision making stats as well FORMATION AND ROLES CHANGES OVERLOAD THE BOX (usually my last resort) I learned all these things by watching bustheanet on youtube. The key philosophy I have taken from all his videos I watched is: have a tactic that can play a variety of ways=variety of ways to win. Also to it is very important to know how you want to play. You will not win many games if you have a one-dimensional mindset on football. It also takes critical judgment to know when to change and when not to change and let your players play out. There is no easy answer to win at football manager except for maybe playing a 343. There is no easy answer on how to win at life. Yes, I still lose and draw against park the bus teams and I am fully aware that that will occur.
  7. @summatsupeer Thankyou for your reply. Also I have another question, when playing the 4231 would using a DLF, Target man, and or Complete Forward occupy the same space as the AMC. For instance I have my AMC as an Advanced playmaker and I usually put my striker as a Pressing forward. My thoughts are that having an AMC especially an AP you do not need your striker on a support role also that DLF Target man and Complete Forwards hold up the ball therefore getting in the space of the AMC.
  8. In a 4231 wide would the two holding midfielders be better suited with a dlp on defend and a cm on support (which is my setup). However I see people on YouTube use a dlp on defend with a ball winning midfielder on support. My thinking is that the ball wining midfielder would chase the ball leaving huge gaps which the opponent can exploit. Also box to box midfielders on a 4231 would also leave huge gaps because they have a roam from position PI.
  9. I see... And yes as Dortmund I can get the second ball really well because my center midfielders are pacey which means they can cover more ground as well have good first touch.
  10. So what would you recommend if you were going up against a champions league team like Real/Barca/PSG in an away game? Would it be better to stick with the default mentality (for me I set my training mentality to attacking), rather than dropping to cautious or balanced? From my understanding also from other past posts about going against strong opposition, people tend to drop their mentalities but keep their Tactical instructions with maybe 1 or 2 change. They said that dropping mentality would reduce risks therefore again like my other post they would retain possession and be defensively sound. However from what you are saying there are moments especially being down a goal where you want to go on the front foot.
  11. How about against big opposition. I generally drop my mentality to balanced when I am playing in the champions league. Is that something you guys do aswell?
  12. I usually start on attacking mentality and if I am up 2 goals I drop to balanced. In my understanding mentality correlates to the amount of risks my players will engage in, therefore I reduce the risk by going balanced so I can retain possession and not get caught on the counter. With that being said, would it be more effective if I change tactical instructions such as playing narrower, lowering tempo, using shorter passes, and having wasting time on sometimes, but still play on attacking mentality? Lastly, has anyone found success doing both changing mentality and tactical instructions?
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