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  1. I had a similar issue on my OML Player. A club was bidding 4,8M€ and there was a clause for 15M€, which I simply entered and it was accepted Right away. I was a bit shocked, as it is a clause I gained 15M€ but lost one of my best Player. I though that was just good nego of me but well, seems it is a bug?
  2. Heyhey, I am currently seeking to play the touch demo on my old machine (x4 955 Black Editon AMD CPU, HD 7700 series Radeon graphics and 4gb RAM with a SSD inside) to see whether it could run. As I am getting older, I will not invest in a new desktop PC, it simply does not make sense at all. I am not looking into 3d Games. So my idea is anyhow to buy a new tablet, already selected the XIAOMI Mi Pad 4 4gb RAM version. Anyone has a guess whether it will run on the old machine or do I need to check out the Android FMT? Thanks!
  3. Exactly what i want. However, I guess we need to wait and check later again.
  4. Have you started the touch version? If so, could you share the .exe file? :P
  5. From My understanding, and maybe somebody else could give an opinion here, FMT is a game which you can play on MAC / Windows on every Windows / Mac Desktop or Laptop PC. Android version should be available on Play Store, correct?
  6. Sir, my screenshot is clearly (!) showing "PC-Demo herunterladen", it is german for "Download PC-Version". If you see the requirements, it is clearly saying Windows 7 and above. So what do I get wrong here?
  7. Great question, anyone already tried to download the full one? In Before: With the seach result you get to the full game. Thats weird.
  8. Seems to be that the Touch demo is out (haha, no exe :/ ) but there is no FM19 Demo so far.
  9. Same here. Edit: The exe file is indeed missing, if you check the corrosponding folder. It is a bit funny, though.
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