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  1. Hi guys, this file should stay up. I forgot the changes I made to V3.2 so I just left it as V.3 + the training ground for Pafos. https://gofile.io/?c=yj4UVU
  2. Hey man, I lost the file. If you want the V3 file it's still on Steam Workshop. I need to update that back to V3.2 (New training ground for Pafos, fix Deryneia kits). Let me know if it works.
  3. Hi there, So I first noticed this problem a while ago in which my MacBook Pro screen would fizz out (coloured lines then freeze) during games. I thought it was related to the number of leagues I had loaded (all of them, over 125k player limit) so I removed leagues and it worked fine. However, the problem has come back and persists even in a test save I have with 1 league loaded. As soon as I start a match, with 100% certainty now at some point during the game the screen will have coloured lines through it and then freeze. Sometimes freezing with the game in normal view after the colour lines disappear. It's a mid 2015 MacBook Pro that Apple have recently serviced. I've tried running Europa Universalis IV and Imperator: Rome on it, and they run fine, so this is clearly an FM specific issue. Was desperate to get some gaming in on this long weekend and I can't because it keeps freezing. Any suggestions on what I can do? Would really appreciate help. Btw I do have custom graphics from FM Scout, just logos, however this problem persisted before I downloaded them. My match graphics detail is at medium. My computers rating is 5 stars. Just to be clear this only happens during matches.
  4. 19-20, Invincibles, Double Winners: Record breaking Cypriot League points: Beat city rivals in the Cup Final for the double! Unfortunately our amazing CL run didn't result in us going further in the EL: :
  5. Champions League 19-20: It's over, but I am very proud of our performance...onto the Europa League!
  6. 19-20 Season Beginnings: Remarkably, we made it into the CL groups after a stunning 5-0 win over FC Basel. I've managed to add some youth to the team now, and our squad is drastically different, both younger and more energetic than last year: We're going to need it though, because this CL group doesn't look too good:
  7. Champions! With 2 games left, we faced Omonoia at home whilst APOEL played AEK at home. We were leading by 1 point. My last game was AEL away who I never beat, whereas APOEL had Omonoia away. I saw that APOEL were down 1-0 meaning that a win vs Omonoia would give us the championship, however, Omonoia scored against us, my heart sunk, but ever so luckily it was counted as disallowed. It was a 0-0 deadlock game with me and Omonoia, we only had 40% possession, and it was looking like I'd be tasked with getting a point out of city rivals AEL but low and behold, in the 90th minute we are awarded a penalty. Loanee Spanish left-back Alberto from Malaga steps up and calmly placed it into the left corner meaning we are Champions! I'll now rest my team for the final game vs AEL so they are ready to play Anorthosis on Wednesday in the Cypriot Cup Final!
  8. 2018-2019 Beginnings: We had an awful away result to Rangers that dented our chances of EL qualification, but the team is looking good overall. I've relied heavily on loans for this year whilst selling off some of the older players. This young lad has been magnificent for us and hope he can develop into a superstar: t
  9. In Cyprus it's usually games at 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00. Instead of the 17:00 game kicking off mid-way through the 16:00 game, the 16:00 game's result is finished by the time the 17:00 game kicks off. Furthermore, the 17:00 and 18:00 games end up playing at the same time. Please see attached screenshots: Is this a problem with my file? Does it happen across other leagues? And why can't the game run matches at the correct times?
  10. Hi guys, unfortunately my save crashed on Thursday but I'm starting again this weekend and will just update the previous posts. My dynasty will continue.
  11. Thank you! And thank you for being understanding regarding the proposed edits. I would have loved to have done everything for this year but time didn't permit me. Now I have a file to work from for FM20 I can just focus on fleshing out the data. I must say I do feel my file is incredibly accurate and I put a lot of work into it so all responses are appreciated.
  12. 18-19 Pre-Season and European Qualifying: I spent the first week bringing in some staff, we've got a good Head of Youth Development from Spain, and another Head Physio from Spain. We got through the first round of Europa League qualifying easy but Lillestrom will provide us a more difficult task. The joint Argentine stikeforce of Facundo Prrerya and Emilio Zelaya are really promising: They will need to be as the board expect me to win the league first season! My manager is still living out of a hotel room in Germasogeia but looking for an apartment to rent as I settle into the role
  13. Starting Squad for 18-19 Season: Key Player: Captain:
  14. Apollon Limassol - A Cypriot Dynasty Introduction Apollon Limassol are a Cypriot Football club founded in 1954 and play in the city of Limassol. Apollon are one of the most well supported teams on the island, however they have only won the domestic league three times. For me, they pose an interesting challenge as they have the potential to turn into a Cypriot powerhouse and enjoy good European runs, but are still in the shadow of APOEL and other clubs. It is my endeavour to build them into a true small-nation powerhouse and help them grow as the city of Limassol experiences a continual boom in development. The Manager: I will be playing as a fantasy version of myself, a 25 year old English-Cypriot who has returned to his ancestral land to take his first step in football. I will be something of a managerial prodigy with a UEFA Pro Licence after hanging up my Semi-Professional boots very early on. The Stadium: I will be sharing a stadium (Capacity 13,331) with city rivals AEL Limassol and Aris Limassol until I can build us our own stadium. We have our own training facility which is good, average youth facilities, well established youth recruitment, good junior coaching, and average corporate facilities. The Supporters: The City: Limassol has a population of 101,000 with a Metro population of 239,842. It was built between the Greek cities of Kourion and Amathus and has one of the busiest ports in in the Mediterranean. It enjoys a very high quality of life and sun almost all year round. Set-Up: I've loaded all leagues, and three divisions from Cyprus using my files: https://community.sigames.com/topic/454213-fm19-cyprus-full-football-league-system-database-update-and-more/
  15. Cheers mate, There's two obstacles. Firstly, there's almost zero players below the top second division teams and I think adding another league of greyed out players is not good for the in-game database. I need help collecting correct positions of players in the lower divisions. Secondly, I cannot completely figure out the STOK (regional lower leagues) competitions so it's hard to know how to implement promotions/relegations properly. If I have more support I hope to implement it for FM20.
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