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  1. No worries, I enjoy it! I might consider a guide actually, and yes indeed I've seen the video. Andreas Panagiotou is not a bad RB. Also Pieros Sotiriou if you can get him is also a good one up front. Aloneftis I usually keep along with Merkis as they are team leaders and keeping them happy keeps the players on your side first season. Let me know how you get on! Even if you make the EL first season it is a good start. The league can be tough or easy depending on the momentum of the other teams. Playing against some of the lesser teams can be tough since they really park the bus.
  2. Clubs in Cyprus have a habit of thinking a bit short term...lol. I think it has the highest turnover of players of any league in Europe. Regardless, if I were you I'd sell Efraim (former Arsenal youth product) as he doesn't actually meet HG criteria. Al-Tamari is a great prospect if you play with IFs but you can also sell him to a Spanish club for 8M+ first season. That gives you a bit of room to manoeuvre with the squad. With APOEL I usually just try and get a RB (Ivan from Levante or Junio Rocha) and a CB (Aridane) on loan first season. But you have many options. You do have quite good training facilities there though.
  3. When building my Marseille team, I'd always offer the minimum up front and overpay in installments if I had to. I put the club in a lot of transfer debt but knew I could pay it off if I kept making the CL. It is the only way to build a team capable of really challenging PSG. And clubs do it all the time IRL.
  4. APOEL are a great team to build with. Especially if you make the CL within the first season or two (can be tough first year depending on the draw, you could get an easy draw or you could get Ajax) your budget should be several millions and you can afford a team well beyond what other teams in Cyprus can have. You've also got very good training facilities. Other teams that could be fun are Apollon Limassol, who are still a good team and you have an opportunity to build in the best Cypriot city, Pafos who are trying to build a good team with foreign investment, or Anorthosis Famagusta who are for all purposes a fallen giant.
  5. Indeed, initially. It's the real rule so I have to implement it. However, after a few years some not terrible regens show up (for Cyprus) that are easy to snap up and any youngsters you sign that become HG obviously count and it is quite easy when the U22 players don't have to be registered :). Have you decided on a team to try?
  6. In the Relegation group in Greece they only place once. The higher ranking teams get more home advantages.
  7. My pleasure. Yes indeed, it means from 2020-2021 you can register 7-non EU players (and for example some nations don't count). U22 players do not need to be registered. So it's a more lax system, however you still must register 10 HG players.
  8. Hello guys, The Cypriot FA released its rules for the next season today. Amongst them is the announcement that the non-EU restrictions will be extended so you can now have 7 non-EU players in your "registration" (their words, I previously thought it was match squad). Therefore I've updated my file with this rule to come into effect for the 2020-2021 season. There were other things announced, like the league will be 14 teams just for next season due to Covid, but I didn't implement anything like that because this is still FM20. However, I felt that this adjustment on EU rules was worth nothing. I've tested it and it all works correctly. I cannot find the rules for the Second Division but I'm going to fairly assume they may have extended non-EU rules in the Second Division so I bumped those to 4. Third Division I left at 2. https://www.mediafire.com/file/qd6982hbxk3mifv/Cyprus_Full_League_Structure_V5.0.fmf/file
  9. Alright that's pretty bad, but it isn't gamebreaking if you don't use it. It is an exploit, a lot of games have exploits.
  10. FM12 and FM17 were great version of FM. No version is going to make everyone happy, and undoubtedly they had ME flaws. But back then it felt like what mattered most was the football. The game as a tactical exploration. I'd sit with FM open, whilst watching football matches, keenly taking notes and trying to figure out how to implement various tactical systems. I've said this before, but it has become clear that there is only one or two ways to efficiently win at FM20. You mention goal-happy days, I'd rather that strikers were scoring too many one-on-ones rather than by far not enough. This is basic. I've gone over this enough times, I don't feel it necessary to do so again because I am sure SI are working on FM21, but it would be nice if we could have more engaging debates with SI over what exactly football looks like. Because I think that is where most disagreements over the ME are.
  11. Basically the above. If you can play the game to 90%+ normality then it is not broken. To be fair, the semi-pro training is bad, and I've heard of severe issues with scheduling in Italy. There's a number of other bugs that greatly annoy me. B team players become "club icons" in France, sometimes hard Brexit doesn't fire properly in England...but they aren't gamebreaking. The basic function of the game still works.
  12. Yes, but you have to ignore a few ME annoyances. There are no (or very unlikely to occur) gamebreaking bugs.
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