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  1. Basically this. It's correct to assume there will be no deal unless a deal is struck. Saying "oh but footballers will be exempt" is nothing more than speculation at this point. SI are doing their best at speculating how a very complex political situation will unfold. The way I see it, erring on the side of caution and working with the information we have right now is correct. I'd like there to be a Hard Brexit with WP rules in most games until we know otherwise. Just me, but I feel that's correct.
  2. Can someone give a skeptical prospective buyer an TLDR on if there are any major bugs in the game? League breaking stuff and all of that?
  3. I don't have FM21 yet, however, Brexit seriously bothered me in FM20. Firstly, yes I think Brexit should be in the game. The UK has already left the European Union, therefore it is correct that Brexit takes place. I've done a lot of reading on the proposed or speculated rules, and what annoyed me most about FM20 was the "17 foreigners" rule, as it was never being discussed, and is honestly very advantageous for the EPL but bad for everyone else. It also bothered me that in the case of a Hard Brexit, the WP rules would often not even apply in England meaning you could sign 18 year old Per
  4. I'm still genuinely unsure if I will buy the game or not. I doubt I will on release, because I've been enjoying Paradox games a lot more. However, I'll answer a point above. FM is pretty much the only consistent game I've played since I was young. It's taken up a large chunk of my spare time (and even non-spare time). Not to get all soppy but it's comforted me in times of distress and been in the background at happy moments of my life. I genuinely have fond memories of certain saves and how they remind me of particular points in my life. This is indeed a very addictive game and anyone who
  5. Seems like what I've been complaining about since February is true. More and more gimmicks, less focus on what makes the game so amazing. I really hope I am wrong and SI deliver something amazing, my god we need it.
  6. This is not actually try on FM20. I believe the Brexit option is decided on game creation but if it fires or not is RNG. You can try this by holidaying and save scumming. You'll either get one specific Brexit option or a no Brexit.
  7. There are way less overpowered tactics in FM20 than previous versions, believe me.
  8. They are poorly implemented though and do nothing for immersion. I am talking about priorities first. They get the ME to a 9.5/10 standard, player recruitment to a 9.5/10 standard and THEN they can worry about the additional features imo.
  9. People then say, just play FMT. Well, I don't want to and that's besides the point. Instead of having a very good ME/Recruitment/Training mechanism AND a bunch of gimmicks, we just get a bunch of gimmicks. They totally messed up the recruitment/responsibilities screens because who knows, the social media feed is a total waste of space and I doubt many people care too much about Loan Managers. Even something that is an alright addition, like the Development Centre, well I'd happily take more time spent on the ME than a Development Centre interface that practically does nothing in terms of
  10. On two occasions I had no rep, unemployed start saves. Took over a team at the bottom of the league in Serie C/Segunda B, got us clear of promotion by not losing in like 10 games and winning half of them. Suddenly, my players decided "They can't get past my lack of experience" and morale and managerial support plummets to abysmal. All of a sudden we can't get a point from anywhere. In both cases I still stayed up but it's just an example of how random morale is and how it really messes up the gaming experience.
  11. Training has been overlooked in FM for ages. I don't think it is half as important as it should be. I'm in what could now be considered a more long-term save, and really, seeing regens come through my club all that seems to matter is that I have good coaches and blend them into the first team keeping morale high. They develop world class. the only way I think I've really helped a player's development is if say the regen was a great winger but was missing crossing and I get him to train crossing a lot more.
  12. I've been on both sides of this debate. I don't think the game is too hard, but I think tactical implementation has gotten worse since FM19 and the ME hasn't been good enough. On top of this, I think squad morale has way too much of an impact.
  13. I've always bought FM but I'm not sure. History has told me it's never really fully playable until the 3rd patch. Even then there are some issues with FM20 that still bug me a lot. Primarily, I am not confident transitional seasons because of Covid will be implemented properly. I think I'll wait probably a month after release and see what people are saying. FM doesn't grip me like it used to. I've made thorough posts on this before. I wish they'd focus more on tactics and recruitment rather than other gimmicks. The poster above that mentioned how his son couldn't get into it,
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