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  1. Wow no doubt down to your great work. How are you finding managing HG rules?
  2. How are the Cypriot co-efficients doing out of interest?
  3. Seriously enjoying following your progress. Love it. Congrats on the league wins.
  4. Glad you got the stadium upgrade, as I mentioned it's required to have a minimum of 3,000 seated to play in the first division of Cyprus. What are your attendances like? I'm hoping next year you can get into the top half of the league at least, maybe sneak a European spot.
  5. It might be a relatively small scouting region I think to have the Baltics by themselves. Does anyone else think it's ridiculous Gibraltar is in the same region as Turkey? Might as well have Spain/Portugal then lol.
  6. Maybe you have a chance to squeeze to 2nd this season? Otherwise hope you can do it next year
  7. Nice thanks for sharing! I think you could maybe make a push next season with some clever signings, at least come close. Is tough when only the top two get promoted of course.
  8. Tough for you this year! Nea Salamina and EN Paralimni are decent teams so it was always going to be difficult to challenge them, hopefully you can keep building on your progress though. What formation are you using? And who won the First Division the last years?
  9. Looking really strong this season! It's always tough to stay up first season. There is a big gulf in quality between the divisions in Cyprus largely down to fanbase and finances but if you can build yourself up you can definitely challenge the top teams in Cyprus. Maybe look for loans from the top clubs in Cyprus, or 2nd division teams in Greece. You should be able to find someone decent . Btw Kormakitis are the Maronite team of Cyprus, however they voted to be considered part of the Greek Cypriot community (as did Armenians and Latins) hence why you played a team in the Turkish occupied parts. Really enjoying your progress!
  10. Ah got you, the map I shared was one I found online I believe from the World Factbook or something similar. I do not suggest breaking the regions exactly like that, but it was a decent guideline for rough regional splits. I do agree that Bulgaria is clearly more tied with Eastern Europe than Southern or Western Europe. The amount of transfers that occur between Bulgaria and neighbouring Greece for example is very very minor, and there's only 1 Bulgarian player in the whole Greek Superleague (16 teams). It kind of echoes my point that in transfer activity Greece and Cyprus belong either in Western or Southern Europe. I think one thing to consider is that each nation does have their own transfer preferences. Portugal ends up buying a lot of players from Brazil because of their individual transfer preference. As such, in the case of Austria I think it's accurate to have them in Central Europe with Germany just with preferences to sign players from Balkans/Eastern Europe. I do wish SI would visit this though, I just think it's a very outdated way of looking at European regions.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1681794528 https://ufile.io/ivce4 Thanks for playing!
  12. Indeed SI's view of "Eastern Europe" is extremely dated and even offensive to some. It's a purely Cold War definition. I could get on board with your scouting regions for sure, although I think UK & Ireland maybe does deserve it's own region. You can see what I said above regarding Greece, however I do accept that Spanish, French and Italian football are even more linked to each other so splitting them from France might not work. Either way this would make for more realistic play, scouting and reputation.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad we're having this conversation and I hope SI will take ntoe. What objection specifically do you have to my Southern Europe? It comes from three arguments: 1) Geographically they are all Europe's southernmost countries. 2) I think they are culturally, and mostly linguistically linked to each other. 3) Greek football is very much dependent on Portuguese and Spanish football, far more than it is on Serbian and Croatian football at this point, hence why I think Greece belongs in the same category. Thanks again for your input, I agree with what you said regarding the Baltic states.
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