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  1. Is there a general consensus as to whether strikers score more goals on this beta? I am not talking your own players, just around the world, Messi finishing the season with 12 goals or so etc?
  2. Something on FM that has annoyed me for ages... I'm fed up of non-negotiable wage contribution clauses when selling players. Quite often I'd rather sell the player for free than have to keep him on my books in any shape or form. Wish this would be changed.
  3. Definitely this. I gave the example a while back when I took over a 3rd division Spanish team who were relegation bound, got them well clear after 12 games, winning several and only losing 1, yet suddenly my managerial support was very poor cause the "players can't get past my lack of experience as a manager". Don't think in real life they'd care if after 12 games they'd won far more points than in the previous 22 combined and were comfortably clear from relagation. Basically, player interactions and happiness is really random.
  4. Thank you for responding. This is all I was looking for. It's disappointing obviously, but it is what it is. Do you have any idea if it will be included in the next full patch or not? Again, thank you many times for responding to me. It is most appreciated and I respect the clear line of communication.
  5. Apollon Pontou start the league with a 6 point points deduction in real life.
  6. That is a bit of a shame. Thought it would have been an urgent fix. Thanks for answering at least.
  7. Are UEFA Coefficients fixed with this patch/hotfix or not? @Christopher Lewis @Freddie Sands @Sebastian Szlenkier
  8. @Christopher Lewis @Freddie Sands @Sebastian Szlenkier anything?
  9. Given the patch comes out after the UK leaves the EU (31st January) will the Brexit options be more solid now? Would have a guess by March we'd have some idea as to how the player rules will shape out.
  10. @Christopher Lewis I don't want to be a bother, but do you have any idea if the UEFA Coefficients fix will be save game compatible? I am referring to the issue above in which only 4/5 years count to the coefficients score? I know you cannot give a definitive answer but an idea of whether it will be compatible would be nice. @FrazT
  11. I have. 3 times. I am not asking for a definitive answer, I know you guys can't give that, but some idea would be nice. It really changes how the European football system works and I'd just like to know.
  12. I've asked about a million times whether the UEFA coefficients issue will be save game compatible. I'm not asking for a definitive yes, I know SI can't tell for sure, I'm just asking is there even a 1% chance it might be or is it like a data update where there's a 0% chance? I don't know why this is so difficult to communicate. I am not going to be upset by the answer, just let me know one way or another.
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