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  1. This type of Brexit is implemented extremely wrong. First of all, half the players end up with English citizenship anyway so the rule is pointless. It'd be far more accurate for the rule to apply for players eligible for the English NT which was how it was in FIFA's proposed 6+5. Almost no team has more than 10 foreigners needed to be registered and some have as low as 6. It's a pointless mechanism. Second of all, lots of countries don't actually allow dual or triple citizenship which happens quite often with this game mechanic. I don't know what you guys are doing for FM20, hopefully Brexit is resolved by then but this is all wrong.
  2. I am sorry but 17 foreign player Brexit is implemented horrendously. It makes no sense when half the foreign players end up taking English citizenship anyway. It would have been far more accurate if the limit was on players eligible for the English national tea, Genuinely at least 1/3 of foreign EPL players get English citizenship so there's no point in the rules at all. In addition to this, many nations don't allow triple citizenship (which happens often, see Aguero or Ozil).
  3. Hi there, I am trying to implement the correct U19 structure for Cyprus, a nation I have a well-established file for to make playable. In real life the senior structure is: 1st Division = 12 teams 2nd Division = 16 teams 3rd Division = 16 teams 4th Division = 16 teams (unplayable in my file). However, the U19 leagues follow this structure, and they are completely independent from the senior leagues having their own path of relegation/promotion: 1st Division = 14 teams 2nd Division = 14 teams 3rd Division = 8 Teams (can be up to 16 teams it's just at the moment poor clubs choose not to participate in it). Is there any way I can implement this in the Advanced Rules? I've tried everything I can think of but nothing works. It needs to have it's own promotion/relegation. i.e Anorthosis Famagusta play in the 1st Division of Cypriot football but their U19s play in the U19 2nd Division. Thank you so much in advance!
  4. Long shots are quite clearly bugged in FM19, for the user and the AI. I don't know the exact mechanics of the game but SI can nerf things sometimes.
  5. Please note this is why I said do you feel like FM is scripted not is FM scripted. I was careful with my choice of words. It feels scripted to me, and I'm convinced the AI does some dodgy things but I am probably wrong.
  6. Just curious. I am 100% convinced there is scripting in the game. In individual games and in the league when your opponents can go on insane win streaks. Maybe it's just me but just curious to see a poll.
  7. Cheers, I got confused because I hadn't noticed the WP rules tab in the league structure before, and assumed that they applied for all new signings. Didn't realise it basically means there's no changes to the system. May I ask, is there an idea of how common this Brexit it? I've had loads of saves and I always get the 17 player foreigner one and on occasion, a hard-hard Brexit...this is the softest one I ever got?
  8. Guys, what kind of Brexit did I get? This makes no sense.
  9. You guys are comparing the EPL to all of football. Trust me, in a lot of Europe and South America, losing a few games can equal the sack. In Greece managers have been sacked because they lost a European qualifying game, before the season has even started.
  10. This is confusing me, what kind of Brexit did I get? Is this a bug? My PA tells me there's no rule changes but the Premier League rules tab says otherwise:
  11. I disagree with you. One of my biggest gripes on previous years was that managers don't get fired enough. I say this as someone who enjoys the unemployed, journeyman challenge. You'd get managers massively underperforming and still staying in a job. In much of Southern, Eastern Europe and South America, losing 3-5 games in a row can equal the sack immediately. Sometimes not winning a European Qualifier can equal the sack. I think if anything SI should increase the amount of firings and how hard it is to say in the job.
  12. http://www.filedropper.com/fmkyprosv33 New file. Player numbers now get registered like they would in any other league.
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