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  1. It would be nice if we kept this thread civil without people making moral judgements on other people and somehow acting like they're bad people for disagreeing. If I had a daughter who wanted to play football, I would 100% support her and encourage her as much as I would if I had a son who wanted to do the same. This has absolutely zero bearing on the fact I would personally prefer SI spent their time ensuring their Football Management game could go a few years without major bugs and include some pretty major nations excluded from the game instead of spending a lot of development time on a feature/function that judging by those FIFA statistics few people will play. I might be wrong, the women's database may be a huge success and more women might start playing Football Manager because of it. I am not the one making business decisions for the game for a reason. I trust SI, but it doesn't stop me expressing an opinion. I've played FM since 2005. FM21 was the first FM I never bought at release (bought it this May iirc and have less than 10 hours) because I got tired of some of the bugs within the ME. FM21 was a huge improvement admittedly. All I'm saying is that some of the frustration at this announcement may well be people just annoyed they're worried the game will regress again. SI aren't the biggest studio. They do very well with the resources they have, but they're about to become more stretched. The reason I brought this up was, in reference to the above, there's no way a "Women's Football Manager" would be a commercially viable product. Not right now. They wouldn't be able to bring in the extra staff to cover development whilst not taking resources away from the existing main game. In short, my concern is that they're diverting resources away from the game that the vast majority of players will play, which could lead to more bugs, which would probably lead to me not buying the game again. Again, I could be totally wrong and I trust SI know what they're doing but it doesn't stop me expressing an opinion as a paying customer for 16+ years.
  2. I don't think attendances alone can be used to justify whether a nation should be in FM either. I'm not sure what the attendances for Ligue 1 (Ivory Coast) or Nigerian Professional League are but the insane regen potential would make them enticing to play in. Regardless, and to respond to @Daveincid and @XaW above, if this indicates SI might be more open to expanding the game to other nations and leagues in the future then I'm absolutely happy. I'm just saying in the past I've always found SI to be unwavering on any prospect of expanding the game database so it's a surprise they went ahead with this when I personally feel they could have started with a few missing men's leagues. Let's hope things work out great for the game though.
  3. Comparing the highest professional league of Women's football to the Vanorama national isn't great imo because the lower leagues are probably there to add greater depth to the main leagues. Regardless, I agree with your sentiment. Nothing against women's football or the addition of women's leagues, but I've been hoping SI would add more leagues into the men's game for years and years now and they've never budged.
  4. I've already addressed this. It takes a lot of work, and you have to start over every single year adding stadiums (ever spent 2 whole days finding the Lat/Long of stadiums? :)) , histories, missing players, missing staff, missing clubs, missing rivalries, missing media sources, missing awards, missing kits, missing cities... A lot of us do all this work but if SI worked with these editors the finished product in-game would be much better especially if it's tested and ensured they're all compatible with the vanilla game. Again, I'm not sure the casual player will necessarily scout fan-sites looking for an accurate Egyptian league file but if it were in the base game they might be tempted to give it a try as a one-off. Plus, I can tell you a fair amount of the files you'll find are not particularly accurate in structure.
  5. I was going to bring up FIFA as an example. The addition of women's teams didn't change the game that much but it's an addition that almost all players ignore and head straight for Ultimate Team or Career Mode. The majority of FM players, I am sure, load up England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain and play as their favourite team. See my thread here and also consider that the people posting on this forum are far more likely to be 'dedicated' players skewing the amount of people who load more leagues. Again, for my personal preference, as a more 'dedicated' player (even though I have almost zero hours on FM21) I would prefer if they added some more missing nations from the men's game since they wouldn't have to change anything about the game, it's just some data research and I am sure they'd have volunteers, plus implementing the league structure. If we're talking about 'inclusion' then you can also argue African and Middle-Eastern football is vastly under-represented. Adding the women's game from my understanding means changing a lot more in the structure of the game. Like I said, all my personal preference, I trust SI know what they are doing.
  6. I'll explain something I am personally disappointed about. When I've emailed SI in the past (and to be fair, I am talking 3-5 years ago) asking about the inclusion of other leagues, I've been told that they aren't willing to add leagues that they don't think people will play. I've also been told it adds to testing time to check whether a new league would be compatible with the existing game. Now when it comes to 'inclusion'... There's only one African league in the whole game. No Egypt, no Morocco, no Nigeria etc. I wonder what evidence there is that the women's leagues in say FM23 would have more people playing it than the Egyptian league? We're missing leagues in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela which would greatly improve the South American experience. The Cypriot league is not in the game despite being a top 20 ranked UEFA league for a decade or more now. There's no Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan despite the fact both countries have improved a lot recently. Even some of the excluded Baltic (Lithuania) and Balkan (Montenegro) countries could be an interesting addition. Obviously no Japan but I understand the licensing issues there. No Middle-Eastern leagues at all...No UAE, no Qatar, no Bahrain, no Iran, no Saudi Arabia, even though these leagues have pretty decent commercial pull and a number of good players there. Furthermore, at least one major European league seems to have a serious bug every year. What I'm trying to say is...the women's game is a nice addition and I commend SI for what they are trying to do, but it feels like: 1) You could apply the 'inclusion' argument to African or Middle-Eastern football. Africa and the Middle-East is vastly under-represented in the game. Morocco objectively has a better league than Iceland for example. 2) I am skeptical in the long-term how popular the woman's database will be, and worried if development time will be taken away from the parts of the game most people will play. 3) I would really rather they focused on including more nations/leagues in the men's game first. This is obviously just my opinion. Others will disagree and that's fine. And I absolutely do not mean any disrespect to SI or women's football, I'm just expressing how I feel. P.S Yes I know you can add leagues in the Editor but as someone who has made editor files, it takes a lot of work. Adding multiple playable edited league can cause instability. And it doesn't change the lack of research for leagues not in the vanilla game.
  7. I agree with this. I am not against having a "Women's Football Manager" and definitely think women's football should be promoted. But like I said, a standalone "Women's Football Manager" wouldn't be commercially viable. I am going to be really suspect as to how many people actually play the women's database. So yes, it feels like a giant "score brownie points" move. Happy to be proven wrong! If they implement it and lots of people play it, fair game to them, but I think it's unlikely.
  8. I am really curious how they are going to implement some of the attributes. For example, men are generally faster and stronger than women. Will pace/acceleration/strength stats in the women's database work the same way as in the men's database? Will 18 pace work mean the same thing? Personally, I wish the women's football version of the game was a separate game. I have nothing against women's football but I will not play the woman's database. SI will spend a lot of time implementing something I don't care for therefore I'll have paid a lot of money for something that hasn't addressed what I want out of the game. Probably the issue is they know that a standalone "Women's Football Manager" won't be commercially viable so they have to shoehorn it into the men's game regardless if that's what the player base wanted or not.
  9. Arsenal bias here, but this was too harsh on Saka. If no one else stood up and it was down to him, then shame on his teammates for letting the responsibility fall to a teenager who has never taken a penalty in a professional match. Mbappe who is several years older and a World Cup winner folded under the pressure of taking a decisive penalty, how was Saka going to fair? Doesn't detract from the fact that A) Missing 3 penalties in a row is death and B) Southgate managed this game horrendously bad. Parked the bus after the first goal.
  10. If fans chant something racist, and it's audible, then it doesn't matter how many do it, the team gets punished/criticised. I find the booing of national anthems fundamentally disrespectful and could easily be classed as xenophobic. Same thing with that "German Bombers" song, which to be fair, the FA explicitly told fans not to chant. Still, it's extremely disrespectful and I think England should be punished for it.
  11. Also I find the act of taking an anti-racism stance but repeatedly booing other teams national anthem a bit hypocritical. I know some wont see the equivalence but I do.
  12. It was one of those that if it goes for you, you say nothing, and if it goes against you, you're outraged. Alan Shearer pretty much echoed this sentiment. I really think those saying it was a clear penalty should imagine how they'd react if Denmark was awarded that penalty. Anyway, will be an interesting final.
  13. Between now and the Final I think there will be two major upsets. Switzerland could beat Spain and say Denmark could beat England. With this Euros nobody knows.
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