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  1. I have some beauties around elite strikers missing open goals which I need to upload at some point.
  2. I had a look at woodwork stats from the PL in recent seasons: https://www.premierleague.com/stats/top/clubs/hit_woodwork?se=274 Man City have been top or joint top of this stat for the last 3 seasons and this season have hit it 20 times in 30 games, way more than anyone else. The record going back further to when these stats were first compiled was when Liverpool did it 33 times in 2011/12, so still not once a game. Usually it's in the low 20s. But after playing for the first time in a few weeks, I've had a few open goals hit against the post by world class players. Setting records of my own!
  3. Do these teams also have centre backs routinely scoring screamers from the other side of the moon?
  4. Exactly, it's unrelated but an inherent feature. I can accept that world class strikers could occasionally miss open goals, but not so often. I can accept glorious chances being missed, but not the vast majority of the time. The curse has spread to my AI opponents in recent games, though they still get the luxury of the single punt over the top or screamer from miles out.
  5. Yep very common that. Headers are a particular favourite, 6 yards out and unmarked but without fail always put over the bar. 'Must be something up with my tactics'
  6. Even if my dudes got the open goal they'd probably hit the post or put it wide #worldclassstriker
  7. I'm thinking of making a compilation of the most incredible misses from my save, possibly by category. You up for it @Hallothere?
  8. Come back to me when every game you have top class strikers missing open goals, tap ins, free headers and failing to get 1 v 1s on target while the opposition scores from a hoof over the top or a screamer from their 1 shot of the match. Week on week. I can always accept it happening on occasion-but not all of the time.
  9. I probably will but only because it will have Cov in the Championship for the first time since FM12 and save me a season or two in getting to the top flight. The tedium of missing incredible sitters and hitting the post 5 times a game while conceding to a hoof over the top, issues both well documented for this ME, does turn me off though.
  10. I did this by accident when signing a player on pre contract before quickly realising I wouldn’t need him. No fiddling around just offered him out when he arrived and was sold for basically full value. Repeating it with 3 players this time sort of backfired as the committed wages hit the following season budget. I kind of view it as acting as a ‘broker’ to shift redundant players from huge clubs to smaller ones. Kind of like a reverse Robert Jarni.
  11. It’s the most recent TCS skin from FM Scout.
  12. Tottenham fought valiantly, but fell just short in the crunch relegation decider at home to Villa. Incredibly done with mostly 'world class' players.
  13. Perhaps a behind the scenes type video could go a long way to addressing some of these and other concerns? Seeing people at work, particularly programmers, or whatever else you felt like.
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