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  1. Trailing 2-1 in stoppage time, striker tackles the GK on the edge of the box, doesn't shoot with nobody around him but instead dribbles out to the side of the goal to put it into the side netting. Of course from the goal kick one of theirs hits a screamer from 30 yards
  2. In no particular order, 1. World class players missing open goals every couple of games 2. Free headers always going over the bar 3. Not being able to spend the manager's salary on anything 4. Injuries happening instantly after the last sub 5. Man Utd being OP in every version 6. Players getting annoyed at exclusion league registration before the window closes Plus the aforementioned ridiculousness regarding asking prices for anyone not transfer listed
  3. Even if my dudes got the open goal they'd probably hit the post or put it wide #worldclassstriker
  4. I probably will but only because it will have Cov in the Championship for the first time since FM12 and save me a season or two in getting to the top flight. The tedium of missing incredible sitters and hitting the post 5 times a game while conceding to a hoof over the top, issues both well documented for this ME, does turn me off though.
  5. I did this by accident when signing a player on pre contract before quickly realising I wouldn’t need him. No fiddling around just offered him out when he arrived and was sold for basically full value. Repeating it with 3 players this time sort of backfired as the committed wages hit the following season budget. I kind of view it as acting as a ‘broker’ to shift redundant players from huge clubs to smaller ones. Kind of like a reverse Robert Jarni.
  6. It’s the most recent TCS skin from FM Scout.
  7. Tottenham fought valiantly, but fell just short in the crunch relegation decider at home to Villa. Incredibly done with mostly 'world class' players.
  8. Perhaps a behind the scenes type video could go a long way to addressing some of these and other concerns? Seeing people at work, particularly programmers, or whatever else you felt like.
  9. I had good results with Cerber and Annihilator for a few seasons, then the results went really downhill for an extended spell. Switched to one from FM Base’s test pile and did far better. ‘‘Tis the price one pays for not taking the time to make and develop them yourself!
  10. You know what isn't fair is this guy insulting another poster and it standing up ages later whereas I get warnings and deleted/edited posts purely for complaints about gameplay or even not being directly relevant to the thread. It's almost like people are fine with other people getting ripped on instead of a virtual game.
  11. Initially I thought you meant this was a new Steam achievement
  12. It's not the tactic but the game. Fair enough on the rest.
  13. Tired of having the **** taken every God damn time. Glad it works for everyone else but again and again supposedly world class players missing sitters and then having ex players score screamers just isn't doing it for me. What a God damn joke
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