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  1. Which one is suggested for underdogs?
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    Wow, brilliant tactic, before this I had 3 losses, 1 win and 1 draw in the league. Its worth mentioning aswell that middlesborough were top of the league. Really enjoying the football this tactic is playing. If im holding on to leads I mainly just shorten the passing as i've noticed they start giving the ball away alot towards the end. I've also found that while my main strikers second best role is a deep lying forward, he doesn't seem to play too well in this tactic, whereas a young hot prospect i've got whos main roles are poacher and advanced forward, seems to play really well with this tactic. Might be a coincidence but it seems like the DLF plays too deep whereas the poacher still plays like a DLF but gets forward more to score goals too
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    Going to give this a test, just took over a recently relegated stoke side who have a great team for the championship but were just not performing, realised all my tactics are based on ones for the 16.2 patch and maybe thats why my games gone downhill
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    Beowulf 424 Counter

    18th was my media prediction so yeh i'll check out the other tactics, thanks
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    Beowulf 424 Counter

    having real trouble with my form away from home, won my last 4 at home, but away my results are really bad, im brentford in my first season in premier league so not going to be easy but still
  6. Im actually finding slightly more success using control mentality rather than standard, find that although I have alot of shots on goal either way, more seem to get converted when im set to control. Trying out the new formation at home and tixania away.
  7. I can't take on that new tactic as I don't have the right balance of players for it (and to be honest im slightly loyal to one of my wingers), annoyingly it is quite similiar to the first tactic I tried on this save before I started with 4-5-1's, which was inspired by englands 1966 tactics, and despite the narrowness, it wasn't too bad, but I think it just looked a bit flawed so I changed it after 3 league games (maybe I should have given it longer), im gonna try and come up with a hybrid to accomodate teams built around a 4-5-1
  8. as previously posted I had made a few tweaks of my own including removing shoot less often before, with the addition of a faster defender and a more striker-like inside forward in the january transfer window, I'd really hit a stride, but then my problem was with getting far too many yellow cards, currently have two of my best players out with 2 and 3 match suspensions, that, and experimenting with removing get stuck in have halted my run of form, after 2-2 draws with 4th place ipswich and 1st place wolves, which are respectable results but we should've won, I then lost 1-0 at home to a relegation battling wigan and im currently 2-0 down at half time to an equally struggling MK dons. So my main problems right now are finding a way to defend well but get less yellow cards defend better from corners squeeze a few more goals out of my team Would also like to mention my top scorer is someone I initially brought in as a back up for an inside forward, turned out to be my best option for a false 9, he's currently out injured so another reason my form might be dipping
  9. I've only played 2 games since, beat bournemouth 2-1 so was on a run of 5 games without defeat, then it all went out the window at rotherham. lost 4-1, could've been 5-1 my keeper saved a penalty, but one of the goals they did score was also a penalty. Bit shellshocked lol, one of their strikers who didn't score seemed to be the cause of everything, think I need to step up my opposition instructions game, I have a scouting assignment to scout opposition but don't seem to be getting a mail through. Like MR U rosler says its more like a simulation than ever, so might have to stop being so lazy and do my job haha
  10. Im having improvements since I changed a TI and a few PI's. Told the team to dribble less as players kept having the ball stolen off them when they'd had it too long every game (maybe my team is full of bad dribblers), I told my f9 to roam from position, seems to interact and move around my inside forwards a bit more now. I told my inside forwards to aim their crosses at the centre and even though the problem I had was too many shots from bad angles, I deselected shoot less often on all 3 players because it didn't appear to be doing its job. For me they now look a more dynamic trio. I've had 2 wins and 2 draws since and scored 8 goals (5 from inside forwards 3 from f9) Next problem is tightening up the defence a little bit, just seem to concede very simple goals, usually tap ins from a cross.
  11. Its not going well for me. Im only 6 games in, but I was previously playing a similiar 4-5-1 anyway, though mine was more defensively set up formation wise but with a control mentality. So far i've had 1 win, 2 draws, 3 losses. The thing is the previous season I took over brentford in late november and they were 24th bottom of the table, eventually settled on my 4-5-1, did fairly well despite some long term inuries and finished 16th. My inside forwards scored 9 goals each, and a second choice inside forward scored 8 and my striker who was on loan did pretty well once I decided on complete forward and finished with 13 goals and 5 assists. Bearing in mind these players had barely played for some reason before i'd got the job (despite being superior to the players who had played). So with a few squad improvements was looking forward to even better this season, but now for some reason the tactic didn't work anymore, defensively wasn't too bad, but upfront just useless. I've made the switch to your tactic, and im creating more chances (but not scoring them) and my defence has gotten a little bit worse I think. 14 league games in and my inside forwards from last season have 1 goal each, my main striker who I brought in won't score at all, and my backup striker managed 2 in one game and thats it. Poor shooting seems to be a big problem, and theres alot of giving the ball away, players just seem to be holding onto it for too long. I might try dribble less and see if I can prevent shooting from wide angles (because they are having alot of shots into the side netting at stupid angles)
  12. I started using this tactic a few matches into the season where im also coincidentally managing doncaster rovers in league 1, however I came two seasons in after spending two seasons at ascoli using a 4-5-1 where I got promoted to serie B then got given next to no funds to improve the squad and got asked to resign while still above the relegation zone, then they went and got themselves relegated. Had similiar problems at doncaster as when I got there the squad was hurrendous and they only had one goalkeeper who was 1 star. Thats the main problem i've had with football manager 2015 is recruitment and feel like clubs don't take there own financial situations into consideration when you make offers on their players and any half decent ones they want far too much. Like a bolton side now in league 2 struggling in administration, still not selling alot of their best players, just losing them when there contracts run out, is it just me thats happening to? Anyway I had mixed results with this tactic, I got up to third and it all looked very promising but then had a mid season collapse and inconsistent form afterwards and finished 13th, however I had scored joint most goals in the league with 89 but conceded 71, my defence was really weak player wise though, so i'll do everything I can to improve it in the transfer window and give a better review of the tactic, I can't see many flaws though during open play, maybe give a few too many penalties away. I think i've improved the set peice issues though, at least for corners. For attacking corners I aim for near post and have one centerback challenging keeper, one with a near post flick on and one attacking near post, its got me a fair few goals from corners. Then for defending corners I have 3 marking tall players, a player on each post, two players man marking, one player closing down the corner, one edge of area and one staying forward.
  13. Might have to adjust my already similiar tactic to yours depending on how mine goes (only two games in), Seems to solve the possible issues I may have although my results have been reasonable
  14. Im using this tactic with nurnberg in 2020, just took them over after they've been relegated to 2.bundesliga, lost the first few games but stuck with it, kicking in now and playing well. Im obviously one of the ones expected to get promotion but the style of play is really nice best i've been able to get on fm14, scoring some great goals and i've had a 6-1 and a 3-1 at home so far, 1-0 away. I'll update at the end of the season and then how it goes when im (hopefully) in the top league
  15. yknow what annoys me about football manager, and its not just this one I feel like its happened in alot of them, when you need 1 goal to win or equalise, you go to more attacking tactics in the last 10 or 15 minutes, and then apparantly there isn't a single highlight until the last 15 seconds. Happens so frequently, and is so unrealistic, especially when it happens in the premier league. Especially when some of the things it decides are highlights are completely none events, so in the last 10 minutes that must mean both teams just passed it around in the centre of the pitch, like the simpsons episodes with a football riot. Sorry I think football manager is an amazing simulation, but if theres ever a time where I think, this game has DECIDED that im going to lose this match, its when that situation occurs, I change to tactics that should guarantee interesting football, and then the time goes 80,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 90, 92:44 take a throwing, ref blows his whistle MATCH OVER