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  1. My most recent career is with Stuttgart, that is already not top division team in FM2020, it's a Bundesliga 2 team. It was very easy to hire a staff that is the best even in the first division. I use gegenpress for multiple reasons: - How I understand football, this is the best tactic - This brings me the most success in FM - I already liked to use it before it got a name, before hearing about Jürgen Klopp - I've been a Liverpool fan for ages - Jürgen Klopp is for me the best coach ever and this is his tactic
  2. I tried others but those weren't so successful. And why would I want to make my team worse intentionally? Of course I will use the strategy that works best for my team. That is not a challenge if I do something different to perform worse. The challenge for me is that I do my best and it is still a challenge.
  3. What am I doing so well? Why do I always get so good results? It's been for years now and I don't even go into so much details, I really leave most of the responsibilities to my staff, and my results are becoming too good, in all of my careers. Last time I started with Stuttgart, got promoted in the first season and I am second in the Bundesliga at the half of my second season, only Bayern is ahead of me, with 4 points. I achieved similar results in my other careers. I always do the same things. Is that so OP what I do? On my first day at the club, I search for the best options for e
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