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  1. 1)I'd like to see less bugs, and more attention paid to the f-ing community which made the game great, rather than trying to protect/restrict any potentially damaging actions (fmf?????) 2)I'd like to be able to shout at my players while in the game even if it would have no real effect on the software. Just for the f-of it. 3)I want a 3d in the game but not something fancy, just a xyz scale with stick figures or something. That or for the game to stop asking me if it was a handball or a penalty 4)I'd like to be able to do more extreme stuff without limitations to my players (praising etc) 5)I want 4 naked women to work of SI next year 6)I want the players to get into drug problems and such irregardless the following lawsuits. 7)I'd like to have an option for instant result to speed some really boring games 8)I'd like the fans-factor to enhance even more 9)I'd like USA to be removed from the default setup cause nobody cares about MLS 10)I'd like to see decent leagues in the game of various levels, and my own country (Cyprus) instead of crappy leagues like iceland. MOST OF ALL I'd really like to be able to add/remove loaded leagues at the end of each season. I don't care how long it would take the software to calculate all the missing data (from start of game untill that time) it's much better than having to have 3-4 leagues running just in case I'll want to play them 20 seasons in the game. It's not that hard to make. I also want a job
  2. - I agree: Specific orders for specific players (st, mc, dc) Also: - Fans interaction. Or press conferences with the fans twice a year to discuss. - More god damn leagues which I do not think is difficult(cyprus) - A choice of a sponsor. If not your own, at least have a say. - Specific sponsors. I think this could be an advertisment and an income for SI, but if not real-life sponsors, at least made up ones: SI-Beer, Santa-Clause's aftershave... - Some logos to appear on the kits according to the sponsor. - More default kit styles: No matter how much I download there are always kits missing, so this year I go with the default to keep a common interface. But it's boring. - A press conference after the game. with some options about it rather than random media questions. - A huge problem is that they do not really take in account the european leagues. It would be nice to set the champions league as a goal. I know it probably affects the game already, but it doesn't show in the confidence window. ... - The option to add leagues: What country? Is it official (for Eu comps)? how many teams? how many teams relegated? A choice of rules, then let the game engine figure out the fixture list. I could go on forever, but now I'm too busy waiting for the god damn patch...
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