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  1. This skin looks great as always. Instant result button is way to close to continuing though. I'd NEVER use it. Really really love the skin though.
  2. This is my favorite skin also. Used it exclusively in FM19 and will download it immediately on release for FM20. Thanks for your fantastic work Bossland. Cheers from USA.
  3. Absolutely love it. I started with CM2 and couldn't stop playing. It was hard to get in America at the time and I didn't really understand the game of English football. I didn't play alot over the years since then with a couple of exceptions but did log 1100 hours in Football Manager 2017 and really enjoyed it. 2018 didn't grab me but 2019 has been fantastic and I am betting another 1000 hours on this version. I like the tactical changes but the training is cool as you can jump in only when you want to change something. Cheers from the USA.
  4. Thanks! I re-read the rules and I guess in hindsight in does make it pretty clear it's per season.
  5. My understanding is you can have 6 long term loans in the National League in England which I had as Fylde. One of my loans ended and the player returned home. When I try and bring in a new loan it indicates you can only have 6. I currently have 5 long term loans active as one player returned home. Does this mean you can only have 6 total per season and it not relevant how many are currently in place or is this a bug? edit: This is FM19 Beta - cheers!
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