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  1. HOW IS THERE STILL NO FIX?? This annoys me beyond reason. The Beta is a tiny bandaid compared to the huge problem this still is. We had this issue for almost 1 (ONE) month now! HOW? What is actually going on in the SI office? Are these guys sitting on their hands waiting until Apple releases the next OS version in the hopes it might fix itself? Kind regards One angry customer
  2. I am using the MacBook Pro Retina early 2013 and after the update to version 19.2.2 the game became very laggy and slow in the menus and especially during games. As some others have already called it, the game becomes "unplayable". Even the tooltips take much longer to load and that is saying something. I will include screenshots of all my settings in game. The first thing that I noticed after I started the game (after the update) was that the manager avatar was stuttering on the main menu screen. He took ages to "come to the front". When I point the cursor on the recent game it takes a second or so longer to indicate that I can actually click it. There is a little animation that highlights it when you hover the cursor above it and it was so much slower than usual. In the save the issue is the same. Whatever I want to click, it takes much longer for the game to realize my cursor is there so I can actually click it. When I click anything that gets me to a new page I can watch the transitional animation as if i could slow down time. Then during a match (2D and 3D) it becomes even worse. At no point during the 90 minutes is a passage with smooth gameplay. Stuttering during highlights and incredible lag in pre-match, halftime and post-match analysis. If you need any more info from me please ask and I will try to provide it. I hope this can help to fix the issue soon.
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