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  1. Nice work! I've been struggling for inspiration for a new save on fm21 after trying a few but none of them sticking. I've always had bochum as a potential save and i think you've just sold them to me even more. Really like the style of the save as it seems to be in tune with how I play the game. Keep it up!
  2. Now i’ve never been a gameplay basher for fm as it’s always been pretty realistic. However the last game I played has completely changed that. Shabani my player on the ball had just won the ball from a throw in and had got in behind the opposition defensive line. He then had not one not two but THREE Open players in the box to square it to. What does he choose to do? Shoot? REALLY? Now he’s got decision making of 13 so that’s not great for top tier but that’s not so stupid that he’d shoot from the tightest angle when there is THREE spare players in the box. I mean really!
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