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  1. Now i’ve never been a gameplay basher for fm as it’s always been pretty realistic. However the last game I played has completely changed that. Shabani my player on the ball had just won the ball from a throw in and had got in behind the opposition defensive line. He then had not one not two but THREE Open players in the box to square it to. What does he choose to do? Shoot? REALLY? Now he’s got decision making of 13 so that’s not great for top tier but that’s not so stupid that he’d shoot from the tightest angle when there is THREE spare players in the box. I mean really!
  2. Hi it’s a desktop haha i’m pretty sure i know when it’s configured to use the onboard gpu and nvidia card because i took the nvidia gpu out and plugged the dvi cable into the onboard graphics off the motherboard. Runs no issues off the onboard gpu but nvidia card just hates this game it seems.
  3. Okay so I've got an update, ran the game from the integrated graphics and there's no issue so clearly it's an issue with the dedicated GPU, but here's the thing. I've downloaded the latest drivers and still this is the only application that causes this issue even furmark had no issues. I'm not even sure what it is because i monitored the temps and the card was never going above 70 degrees while playing the game it just cuts out. It's not even a weak card by the games standards a gtx 570 is old but should still handle this with ease. I've also tried so 3 different driver iterations each time uninstalling them with DDU each time getting the same crash. Stumped
  4. --------Update----- After uninstalling fm18 yesterday and re-installing it seemed stable for about 4 hours of gameplay and then it crashed again, video output cutting out, screen going black and then returning to desktop with fm18 closed. Anyone able to help me?
  5. -----------Update------- I manually set the fans of my gpu to run at a higher rpm and this seemed to prolong the time I could play the game, unfortunately it crashed shortly after playing a friendly match to a black screen but this time it didn't go to the desktop instead stayed black screen. Almost like the GPU was crashing. Based on this I decided to stress my gpu to see if it was a hardware failure. I've ran furmark for 20 mins and it threw up no errors the gpu was being cooled efficiently and the connection didn't cut out. It feels as if fm18 is tricking the system into shutting the gpu down to save it from killing itself? even though it's not running at high temps or completely stressed out. I've also tried deleting the cache and preferences multiple times but it still manages to crash at seemingly random points in the game. Here's the dxdiag aswell DxDiag.txt
  6. After playing this game for about 2/3 months now, I've experienced a number of crashes. I run the game, load my save and play normally then the screen goes black and it crashes to desktop. This has happened to two separate saves. It can occur anywhere from 5 minutes of playing the game to 3 hours after launching the game. It seems more prevalent when left idle and when not watching matches for prolonged periods of time, during transfer windows etc. So far I've tried three different graphic card drivers, removed all custom graphics and removed any anti-malware software that potentially could aggravate it. This is the only game that I've had this issue with, starting to drive me mad as there seems to be no logical thing causing this crash. It's only created a crash dump on two separate occasions but doesn't create one every single time. It also produces no error message when it crashes to the desktop. FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.10.03 19.32.08).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.12.06 23.58.14).dmp
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