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  1. Hah! I asked the board for professional status and it was denied. A few weeks later they declared professional status due to our solid footing in the Vanarama National League. Time to dig into training schedules!
  2. 2018/19 Season Review We started out the season as 10th favorites. The league was pretty even top to bottom and one of the more stressful/fun seasons I have ever played. There were plenty of ups and downs for the season and we never sniffed 1st, as Stockport dominated the league. We eventually finished 3rd, which I was happy about because around December we were looking like falling out of the playoff spots. It was nice to get a bye in the playoffs too. We had to go to penalties in the playoff semifinal against Stalybridge, and had a very brutal game against Fylde in the final that saw us accumulate 11 yellow cards and have two players sent off in extra time. Fortunately, we were able to grab a goal in extra time before our second man was sent off to get the one-nil win and gain promotion. In the FA Trophy we went out to Leyton Orient in the semis and exited the 1st round of the FA Cup. On the youth intake front, we had an okay intake with two players that could have an impact further down the road. One of them, Yussif, got some time with the first team and will likely be a rotation option next season. I am hoping that we can add a few players and maybe get a few in on loan to get a midtable or better finish next season. Our biggest problem will be finding a tactical identity, as last season I used 4-5 different tactics trying to get the best out of the team.
  3. I think he means that he only has to holiday 3 months to get to the point where he can pick an English team.
  4. Just got the rules for Brexit. Not too bad. 17 foreign player limit, work permit rules.
  5. My previous director of football negotiated contracts for several key players before I took over at the club. I stupidly assumed it was all taken care of. Turns out he lowballed all of them and now 3-4 key players are leaving for free and refuse to negotiate. So I have a thin squad and have to scramble to find some free transfers to fill out the first team. Managed to put together a decent squad to start the season. I am aiming for a mid table finish but hope we can sneak into the playoffs.
  6. I think I will be joining the challenge this year! Just took over Kettering. Time to get to work!
  7. Hello! I was hoping to get some advice/pointers on training. I do not want to be spoon fed or given pre-made schedules. I want to make my own but had some questions. Some background: I never played football and did not passionately follow it or play FM until 2010, as an adult (despite Hodgson being in charge, I became a huge Liverpool fan). Over the years I have become quite familiar with tactical philosophies, roles, etc., and enjoy it quite a bit. However, I have no idea how a football team trains. If this were a baseball/American football simulator I could easily set up training schedules for different parts of the season having played those sports and followed them since childhood. The only thing I know about football training is limited to what LFC shares on their media platforms. So with that in mind - on to the questions! I know a lot of questions about training have been answered with "do what you think feels right". I get that, but I am still unsure about what "feels right". 1) During early preseason, for a couple weeks, is it generally fitness training with very little tactical/technical sessions? Should I be doing triple sessions for the most part? (I know Klopp does) As I transition to mid/late preseason, do I start incorporating more tactical ideas and technical sessions? 2) Once the season begins, on a typical week (lets assume 2 games as lower leagues tend to get fixture congestion right away) what balance do you recommend between specific sessions, general sessions (such as outfield), and physical sessions such as endurance or quickness? 3) For big games (I know there is a preset but I want to make my own) should you tailor your sessions to reflect what you would like to see in that specific game? For example, as a conference side playing a league one or two side in a cup game, if I focus on defensive drills and countering, would it be beneficial for that game (as long as my tactical approach matches those ideals)? Any other general training advice is appreciated as well! Thanks!
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