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  1. Hi @chopperxxxx, Apologies for the delay - A few issues have been reported with Team training and we are investigating further in house However you can take care of the intensity of a players training by heading to training>individuals - Tick on a players name (in your case Amartey) Then tick 'Control Amartey's individual training' then tap 'Intensity' and select 'double intensity' Training is something we're looking into as a whole and hopefully will be able to continue to roll out updates in the near future Hope that helps and if you need any further info let us know Many Thanks, Declan
  2. Hi @3runhomer, Let me investigate this further. I've had a quick look and there doesn't seem to be much consistency in regards to natural fitness I'll investigate the players you've listed above and see if that provides any further info Many Thanks, Declan
  3. Hi @Supernova, Thanks for bringing this to our attention We will investigate training facilities improvements in house and see if we can get this issue to recreate Many Thanks, Declan
  4. Hi @MD1979, FMT19 is only compatible with tablet devices - Can I double check that it is FMT19 you're referring to and not FM Mobile? If its the latter let us know and I'll be happy to move this issue over to our mobile team for you Many Thanks, Declan
  5. Hi @braysoj1, Appreciate that, however I'm still yet to establish as to whether this required you to log into Paypal at any point during the purchase? Currently there is little we can do as we're unable to recreate this issue in house. The only known fix for a crash like this is to factory reset your iPad and set it up as a new device, however be aware that this requires your device to be wiped and you'll lose any apps / data currently stored on the device. Completely understand this is a drastic measure and something you may not want to do. That being the case you're able to email help@sega.co.uk - Explain that you've got a currently unfixable crash, provide them with a proof of purchase receipt and they will be able to issue you a refund. Hope that helps and if you need any further information let us know Many Thanks, Declan
  6. Hi @braysoj1, When you say "paid through Paypal" does this mean you were redirected to Paypals website / asked to log into Paypal at any point during the purchase? As mentioned above, this is a pretty unique issue. We have to try and recreate the issue in house for our dev team to be able to investigate further and ultimately hopefully apply a fix Appreciate this is frustrating, but until we establish what the issue is we can't just simply apply a fix Many Thanks, Declan
  7. HI @braysoj1, Thanks for clarifying that the purchase was made though FMT's in game download tab - You can link your iTunes app store purchases to a credit/debit card or Paypal, so what we're trying to do is establish if purchasing through Paypal has caused the problem. At any point when the purchase was made did you have to log into Paypal? or alternatively directed to Paypals website? Cheers, Declan
  8. Hi @braysoj1, Thanks for the info - I just need to clarify what you mean by purchasing though Paypal if possible - Can I firstly just double check your purchase was made via the download tab in game which processes through Apples App Store? and was not made through a 3rd party website / store? If made through Apple are your payment details linked to your Paypal account as apposed to a credit / debit card ? and if so during payment were you asked to update your payment details / taken to Paypals website to log in? This is a pretty unique crash, so apologies for the questions - Just trying to gather as much info as possible to help rectify the issue for you Thanks, Declan
  9. Hi @braysoj1, Sorry to hear you're having issues with the game crashing. Its certainly something we can investigate further for you Firstly , have you tried uninstalling / reinstalling the game at all? Cheers, Declan
  10. Hi @chopperxxxx, Appreciate the video showing the issue clearly I've followed your steps to reproduce and again unfortunately I'm unable to get this to reproduce in house. Have you noticed any trends as to how often this happens / anything noticeable that can cause this to trigger? and in the mean time I'll continue to investigate in house Many Thanks, Declan
  11. Hi @Tacticmania, Would you mind explaining your issue in more detail please? The login issue should be resolved fully now. Is your issue cross sync related or regarding logging into steam? Many Thanks, Declan
  12. Hi Guys, We are aware of this issue and our dev team are investigating the matter further. We'll keep you updated as soon as we have any further information Many Thanks, Declan
  13. Hi @scwiffy As long as you have iOS 11 or higher you should be able to screen record on your device To activate head to settings > control centre - Click on customise controls and select the green plus button next to Screen Recording Then to start a screen record : Swipe up to access Control Centre, the screen recording app is the one that has a circle inside a circular frame. Press it and the countdown will begin. To end, simply swipe up and press the button again. Let me know if any of that isn't clear. In regards to your other queries, the penalty shootout bug is known to us and is currently with our dev team who are working on a fix. However the 3D shadow issue isn't something we've come across. So when that happens again, grab a screenshot of the issue and start a new topic. We can then look into it further for you Many Thanks, Declan
  14. Hi @pjbork, We are aware of the issue involving the quick pick button not working on the penalties tab. Our dev team are investigating further and will hopefully have a fix soon You should however still be able to manually select takers without issue. I've just tested this in house and the issue doesn't seem to recreate Are you on the latest 19.2.3 update? could you also let me know what device you are playing on please Many Thanks, Declan
  15. Hi @LazyWhippet, Can I check how often this issue is occurring? I've tried a game with Concord however this issue doesn't recreate. Notice you're playing as the away team, have you noticed any stadium issues when playing at home at all? Just trying to narrow down whether this is a stadium issue, which at the moment is looking unlikely Cheers, Declan
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