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  1. Hi @Andygibbo86, We're aware of an issue with squad harmony and our dev team are currently looking into it As you mentioned team meetings seem to be a quick way to increase it, however these situations will only appear when the team is challenging for something / in a bad patch of form. The main issue seems to be the lack of consistency with squad harmony overall, however it is something we're looking to rectify Many thanks, Declan
  2. Hi @steam just is, The match engine on FMT is exactly the same as full FM, so any match play issues should be directed to the match engine forums here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/650-match-engine/ Many Thanks, Declan
  3. Apologies @Gee_Simpson I misread your original comment Full match is an available option on FMT during the match, however you're unable to watch the full match once its ended. Comprehensive highlights would be the next best thing Many Thanks, Declan
  4. Hi @Gee_Simpson, Due to memory issues you're unable to watch matches back in full on tablet unfortunately This feature is available on FMT PC if that helps at all Many Thanks, Declan
  5. Hi @steam just is, The graphics this year are exactly the same as FMT18 Can I check what device you're playing on please? Many Thanks, Declan
  6. Hi @Olivia481, Unfortunately we only have the two skin options on FMT - Dark & Retro Sorry we couldn't be of more help, Declan
  7. Hi @edhdurham, Yep the transfer ban will last for the 18/19 season. Come July 2019 you'll be able to purchase players again Hope that helps, Declan
  8. Hi @JamieLee90, As FMT isn't optimised for mobile absolutely zero testing has been done unfortunately We wouldn't recommend it and we wouldn't be able to offer support for any issues that occur, so I'd recommend sticking with FMM. Many Thanks, Declan
  9. Hi @NickThomas, This sounds like you've accidently moved to the documents folder If that's the case if you reset your game preferences this should reset the folder and you'll be able to save in the tactics location Alternatively provide us with a screenshot of the folder and we can double check that it is the same issue Many Thanks, Declan
  10. Hi @thesandman, This is to be expected, however looking into this further I believe this is an issue. There seems to be some confusion between reserve squads, U19 squads and second teams in FMT in full FM certain Bundesliga squads such as Bayern & Schalke have second teams as well as U19 squads, U19 squads take part in a U19 division and play fixtures, however U19 squads aren't present in FMT. If you then look at a club like Leipzig & Werder Bremen they have a reserve squad who do play reserve team fixtures, but no U19 / second team. In FMT it seems like the U
  11. Hi @jaricma, Unfortunately due to memory limitations on tablet devices newgen faces are generated using a different system compared to FMT PC. Because of this newgen faces are hidden when cross syncing a game from PC to Tablet Hope that helps and if you need any further info let us know Declan
  12. Hi @NickThomas, Players stats have only displayed previous seasons league appearances / goals for as long as I can remember in FM. Overall stats are displayed as stated above in full FM (see screenshot attached), however this isn't present in FMT due to memory issues unfortunately. Hope that helps and if you need any further info let us know Many Thanks, Declan
  13. Hi @Nathswans, Thanks for bringing this to our attention - For some reason Wales seems to have disappeared from the quick start screen which will need investigating further, however there is a work around. Start a new game as an international manager, then select 'Pick Team Later' start the game via the quick start or advanced set up options and they will appear once you've filled in your managers details Hope that helps, Declan
  14. Hi @JackFM1999, When you're in downloads head to your wallet, select attribute masking and then click 'Apply to Game' This is all you should need to do to add the attribute masking option to your game Let us know if this doesn't resolve the issue and we can certainly look into it further for you Many Thanks, Declan
  15. Hi @Jaggy86, FMT18 is not optimised for the new iPad Pro's and unfortunately no further updates will be going out for this release I'd recommend moving over to FMT19 to make the most of the device Let us know if you require any further information - Many Thanks, Declan
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