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  1. No worries @jammywd, 19.3 was a major update so that would be why If you have any further issues do let us know Many Thanks, Declan
  2. Hi @jammywd, Sorry to hear you're having issues You're quite a way off the latest update which was 19.3.4, so I think that could have something to do with it What version are currently running on your Mac? If your Mac is at 19.3.4 I'd suggesting updating FMT on your tablet so that both games are on the save version and then giving it another try Let me know how that goes and we can look into this further for you if needed Many Thanks, Declan
  3. Hi @Dino518, That makes a lot more sense Match plans are set so your assistant takes control of you of your tactic, which in turn puts him in charge of substitutions, so that explains why its been happening for you. Before a game if you head to tactics > match plans - you can set up your own match plan for your assistant to follow, from here you can set the 'Make substitution after' box to '85 mins' That should then mean your assistant won't make subs until after 85 minutes, giving you longer to make manual changes. have you considered making changes to your tactics during a match without the use of match plans? When in a match you can use the 'select match mentality' button and the 'adjust / issue new instructions' button (underneath the play button) to alter the tactics yourself. These changes will only take effect for the game you're currently in and your tactics will reset back to normal ready for the next match Hope that helps and if you need any further info then please let us know, Declan
  4. Hi Guys, Sounds very strange! As mentioned above, its not something we've come across when testing unfortunately I'll do some further tests today to see if backgrounding the app makes any difference. Can I check whether its being backgrounded while in a match @Chart The Manager? or just during general play? I think gathering a save from you both would help as well, just to see if this is specific to the save or the device Steps on how to do this can be found here - Just let me know the name of your save file once its uploaded and we'll take a look at it I've also moved this to the iOS bug forums to keep it separate from general discussions Many Thanks, Declan
  5. Hi @Andygibbo86, We're aware of an issue with squad harmony and our dev team are currently looking into it As you mentioned team meetings seem to be a quick way to increase it, however these situations will only appear when the team is challenging for something / in a bad patch of form. The main issue seems to be the lack of consistency with squad harmony overall, however it is something we're looking to rectify Many thanks, Declan
  6. Hi @nubei, Unfortunately this is still with our dev team I'll update this thread once I have any further information Apologies for the delay, Declan
  7. Hi @Dino518, Team talks aren't present in FMT unfortunately, however the assistant manager making subs does seem like an odd one! Any chance you can send us your save game so we can look into the issue further? Steps on how to do so can be found here - Many Thanks, Declan
  8. Hi @Pbtz, Sorry to hear you're having issues after making a purchase - Can I just check what device you're currently using please? we're just trying to establish if this crash is more common on a specific device, therefore giving us a better chance of recreating the issue You can back up all items on your device via the cloud or via connecting your iPad to a PC, however if neither of these options are convenient for you then drop help@sega.co.uk an email Explain that you've got a currently unfixable crash and provide them with a proof of purchase receipt, they'll then be able to proceed with a refund for you Hope that helps and if you need anything else let us know Many Thanks, Declan
  9. Hi @steam just is, The match engine on FMT is exactly the same as full FM, so any match play issues should be directed to the match engine forums here - https://community.sigames.com/forum/650-match-engine/ Many Thanks, Declan
  10. Apologies @Gee_Simpson I misread your original comment Full match is an available option on FMT during the match, however you're unable to watch the full match once its ended. Comprehensive highlights would be the next best thing Many Thanks, Declan
  11. Hi @Chart The Manager, Can't say I've seen that appear during any testing Are you doing any tactical changes pre match or is this just appearing even when changes haven't been made? When it does appear are you able to click on the tactics button and select a drop down? Let us know and we can certainly look into this further for you Declan
  12. Hi @Gee_Simpson, Due to memory issues you're unable to watch matches back in full on tablet unfortunately This feature is available on FMT PC if that helps at all Many Thanks, Declan
  13. Hi @steam just is, The graphics this year are exactly the same as FMT18 Can I check what device you're playing on please? Many Thanks, Declan
  14. Hi @Arsenal457, Do you happen to have a save prior to when the bonuses are being handed out? Or alternatively any screenshot of Man Utds congested fixture list? A walkthrough of how to upload your saves to us can be found here - Many Thanks, Declan
  15. Hi @DonJohn11, Great to hear its now working! We've found that cross sync to be a little temperamental at times this year unfortunately I've checked in house today with a few checks but can't see anything that would cause cross sync not to work Should the issue reappear let us know and we'll certainly investigate further for you Many Thanks, Declan
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