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  1. If SI had to give back every single penny for every one who let down, this bug was already solved. This is a simple thing to solve...if it was a big bug that needed a lot of time I understood that possibly we needed to wait longer...but to solve this? 2 months and waiting? this is shameful. I participate in a lot of foruns dedicated to FM, since FM foruns, discord, facebook groups, etc, and since the beta was realesed until now you can see they complain of these issues, that are, most of them, gamebreaking for them, and I agree: 1-Wrong translation (Every Beta comes out
  2. B team's bug was already fixed but suspensions (disciplinary rules) continues without being resolved...
  3. No, that issue was already resolved in the last update
  4. @fabiogabriel Consegues resolver através do editor após este update? É que com o staff deste FM isto não vai ser resolvido tão cedo, que vergonha...
  5. I was one of the many who said thanks to SI to resolve B teams but when I saw still begginers bugs who maid the game unplayble to me...bruh...how SI can fail to introduce the rules of the competitions... this is a major game breaking for me and for many others...my main save is to start in my club and usually I try to do 15 years their but I can't start that -.- I don't mind some bugs, like all the games have, but a basic error that is a IMPORTANT one (for SI and some staff ( -.- ) it's not...don't know why...maybe because their pockets are full or don't have competion to this tipe of gam
  6. This is marked as a known issue But with this new update surprise surprise, still happening...
  7. So basically I paid for a game, that is new every year, 2 and half months ago, official realese was almost 1 month ago and I still can not play...good job... this game and cyberpunk are more alike that I used to think...
  8. This bug will be solved as a save game compatible? Or we have to start a new one after? How many days, weak, etc we need to wait until this is solved? And how many days, weak, etc we need to wait until the disciplinary rules are fixed?
  9. I stopped now my test... in 5years I did not saw any B team in any Portugal Cup, the 3rd division was working fine as the 4th division (campeonato de Portugal (Prio) ) and all the rules looks fine... thanks SI Just one more thing that I did not tested was if a loan player can play against his original team, I looked in the rules and I did not saw anything about that...tomorrow in my new save I will test (but it's not an important rule for me, the B teams were the important one).
  10. "In some instances, changes to competitions, rules and registrations will require starting a new game to come into effect." I don't know but I will test... Already with the game open testing, in a few minutes I will respond here if they solved this problem...
  11. Because of this bug this happen bro... "Also as a side note occasionally the star rating in a less familiar role is higher than in a more familiar role and so the less familiar role will be highlighted." - this should not happen, never...Aubameyang as a midfielder is the result of that.
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