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  1. I’m so envious of all you guys.. I can’t find a team that I want to stick with.. I’m not sure whether to just start in December and take over a struggling team or kee persisting with searching for the perfect team... ideas??
  2. Do you find your teams getting a ridiculous amount of red cards? I’m Luton tearing it up but recently I’m getting a red card every game, sometimes two? Really frustrating
  3. I’m going to start as Eibar tonight, what system do you play? Which original players do you still have and how are they doing? Except Jordan of course
  4. Thanks for the help guys, I’ve plumped for Preston! A club with lots of history and some good players, aiming for play offs! I’ll keep you updated... update! I’ve started well, only signed Chong on loan from Man U and Trevor Clarke from shamrock... should be 3 from 3 but got totally fm’d by stoke in the last minute. Enjoying it.
  5. I’m really struggling to get into a save abroad, I think I’m coming home to England and the championship. I’ve narrowed it down to four.. my team Wigan, Preston, Brentford and Bristol City! Any help choosing or advice would be very much appreciated
  6. Thanks for the info.. I’ll give it a go and keep you updated
  7. I think I’m going to try Eintracht Frankfurt. Does anyone have any experience with them this year? Anything would be helpful!
  8. Decided to give this a go as i'm struggling to fins a save.. Happy to start as Watford!
  9. I think I’m gonna go with Torino! Thanks! Zaza and Belotti have swung it for me!
  10. I need some inspiration! I can’t figure out who to start with! I want sort of an Atlético style rise, from mid table to challenging for the league! Not sure who to go with.. any suggestions??
  11. I’ve finally settled on a team, playing as Leipzig, hard to get into after missing fm18 completely.. but I’m enjoying it. Sat 7th with 2 w 1 D 2 L... I’m enjoying it
  12. My download to the full game won’t work... it’s just stopped at 20%.. any ideas?
  13. Thanks for that! What would you recommend for say 12 leagues 5 countries, large database, running smoothly? 2d matches
  14. Hey, I just got this as a birthday present, what sort of speed do you think I could run fm 19 at? I don’t think it’s great but I’m not tech savvy.. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Acer-Aspire-3-A315-21-A6-9220-Radeon-R4-Laptop-Review.262586.0.html
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