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  1. FA Cup > End of Season.......... So here we are, FA Cup 2nd round away to Boston Utd. A game which gave us great chance to get to Round 3! Things started brilliantly & we raced into a 3-0 lead after 20min & stayed that way until half time. I thought now would be a good time to rest some players & made 2 subs thinking this was in the bag.............Boston had other ideas & were absolutely destroying us & pulled it back to 3-3 to force extra time (maybe I shouldn't have made those subs). We were actually lucky to be drawing 3-3 as Boston had turned into Barcelon
  2. Season 3 - National League (The Start) So - a disappointing end to last season left me thinking `Have I taken Dorking as far as I can?; Will I manage to gain league status?' but I stayed thinking that we might...........just might, do it this time. Board was happy to just become an established National League side but I wanted to push hard for playoffs/promotion. And so I set off about grabbing any decent Free Agents I could & releasing some deadwood who hardly played. I also remembered that I had an 18yr old AM signed last season following his release from Fulham so decid
  3. Season 2 - English National League The board expected this season to be a fight for survival (I thought that aswell tbh) & was only given a very limited budget of 12k which again I spent on wages for Free Agents & loans. Simon Kozak wasn't very keen on signing a new contract so left that to the director who managed to tie him down for another 2yrs. I got all the other main players down on 2/3yr part-time contracts which completely wrecked the bank balance but hey, we'll get some money when we eventually become a League team.............hopefully And so it started - keepi
  4. Hello all, After playing a LOT of FM over the years, i had a few years break when I no longer had the time to put into the game & the Laptop wouldn't support it................ Now that FM21 has come to Xbox I can now give my first ever career blog a go. As usual, I started Unemployed & gave myself no previous experience in the hope I can take a team from non-league all the way to the PL. After applying to every job going, I was eventually given a chance at Dorking Wanderers!!! Season 1 - National League South The Board was hoping to achieve a minimum mid-table po
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