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  1. Hi! In Portugal we have the same error even when we dont do any change to the db! Someone knows how to fix it in Portugal?
  2. Hi, can somebody tell me where can I find this panel to edit it? (for example to add the stadium of where the game will be played)
  3. @Watson156 I know that block of code corresponds to the player who assists! what I meant was that changing <string id="colour" value="????????"/> in the code block corresponding to the player who scored the goal does not change anything!
  4. Someone of you know if is possible change the color of the scorer name? change that line dont work!
  5. Hi, can somebody help me? I'm not getting the shirt on player personal details popup panel!
  6. can somebody tell me where can I edit this part of the bench players? I cannot find it anywhere!
  7. @lembergman thanks a lot for ur post and one thing, I know this is not correct post to ask this but can somebody tell me where can I change that purple button up the TV Logo? I cannot find him anywhere!
  8. Can somebody help me with the club overview? there should appear players and coach faces but it's not happening!
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