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  1. Since there is so much care and support for the switch version, and indeed for the whole Touch forum where must questions get no answer, i'll just save 35€ for something else...
  2. As the title say, you guys only talk about the update for PC, MAC, IOS and Android, so will the switch also get this update (19.2.0) or not ?
  3. I'm thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy S2 8 inches, i think the portability of the 8 is better than an 9.7 or 10 inch tablet, but does anyone play the game on this model, and if so does it run well ? Thanks !
  4. How many nations did you have in that save ? If you chose more than 3 nations the game can't support cross-save.
  5. There is no editor for FM Touch, the editor on steam is only for the full version of the game.
  6. And with an Android tablet like the Huawei M5 10.8, in that case is it possible ? (sorry for taking over the thread)
  7. Problem solved, just got it in the game, you can close this. Thanks.
  8. I just bought the in-game editor on the steam store and in the game there is no editor, it only gives me the chance to buy it again.
  9. I have had the exact same problem, there is already a thread in the ME bugs section about it with some 5 or 6 PKM's of different players, its under review, but the more pkm's the better.
  10. Same thing here, i am playing with Barcelona, Suarez scored the tie and it just went 2-1 when it should be 1-1, it gave suarez 2 goals at the same minute and 2 assists to Alex Telles, first time this appened to me in any version of FM EVER... Huesca v Barcelona_Suarez.pkm
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